Easy Work

A friend who is a high-school teacher explained why teachers loved lockdowns so much. Instead of teaching, they’d turn on a video and play it all day while doing something else. What’s not to like?

5 thoughts on “Easy Work

  1. “Instead of teaching, they’d turn on a video and play it all day”

    What awful teachers… I felt horribly guilty playing a 3 minute video during an online class… I imagine if you’re neutral or hostile to your students that’s an appealing option …..


  2. I know people who did that at the university and who also do it when it is not lock-down time. We have a whole basic language program with videos that are supposed to be watched outside class but the word on the street are that they are played in class, which takes up most of the time. I don’t even know if I should criticize this, I sometimes find that I, too, want to go over something in class that I would have not thought students needed to be shepherded through (or that I would want to see/share their reaction to in real time).

    However, what I am squarely against is these online classes where the instructor just acts as a kind of monitor, does not actually teach.


  3. Hah, the cynic in me says that’s a great scam to get paid for nothing. Since I had professors this semester who just droned on Zoom, I spent the time writing a prequel to my novel I published on Wattpad. If they were going to waste my time, I thought I’d do something productive. It might as well been a podcast for all the interaction I got, I hate when people waste my time

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  4. Furthermore and on this, although without the technological consideration: I had a student who made a comment that impressed me, and impresses me to this day: I do not care what, in particular, the professor thinks about the material, what I want is for them to say what they think about it. Left or right or whatever, they are still going to teach the material, so I will know the material. But the reason I have a professor, that is, several professors with different research programs and different points of view, is that these professoras will be thinking about matters in their ways and will tell me about their ways. That is why I am in college and not just reading books. Student, on this, was right.


  5. Is a good educational system REALLY an essential for a “jock society” like the U.S.?
    All most people do anymore is jog, skateboard and eScooter all up and down public sidewalks, race souped-up cars and pick-ups 20-hours-a-day on public streets and roads turning cities into their own “private race tracks”, and either play or watch sports, sports, sports.
    What does one need to “know” to engage in such ephemeral endeavors non-stop for hours on end?


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