A New Wave

If you read in Spanish, I highly recommend a book-length essay España by Santiago Alba Rico. He is a Spanish writer who was very leftist but recently realized what an absolute ass it made him.

The essay is beautifully written and says extremely important things. I’m telling you, folks, there’s an enormous anti-leftist (meaning, anti-neoliberal) awakening in Spain right now. Maybe in other European countries, too?

Alba Rico’s book speaks in support of patriotism, rootedness, family, reading good books, and rejecting the inane moralizing of the left. He says the left has brought back the Statutes of Blood Purity, and he’s right.

Locus of Control

This is precisely the stupid, ridiculous, idiotic neoliberal mentality that got us into this mess. You can’t control everything. Some things don’t lend themselves to being “worked on.” Human interventions don’t do dick to this virus. It comes and goes away in waves.

The same people who terrorize us all with the idea that humans have zero control over their own emotions can’t comprehend that humans can’t completely control nature.

Crimes Against Humanity

This is simply criminal. He’s saying that the virus isn’t dangerous to children! He recognizes it! Yet they are getting ready to pump this untested “vaccine” with unknown long-term effects into kids. With zero benefit to the kids!

These are the same people who think there is overpopulation and we need to practice “degrowth.”

And the worst part, the absolute worst part is that there are many people who are such dumb, brainless robots that they will take their 5-year-olds to get pumped full of this shit.