My Libertarian Side

According to this I’m a libertarian feminist. I never expected myself to be a libertarian anything, so this is a surprise.

Dreamy Vine

A dream of a lifetime has come true. I now have a climbing vine growing upwards on a wall of my house. I can’t take a picture because we have a huge clump of greenery hiding it. But I know it’s there, and it makes me feel good.

I didn’t plant it or anything. And nobody in the area has one. It came out of nowhere because it knew it was going to be loved.


One thing that was a lot better in the USSR – and we all know how I hate the USSR, so this is really true – was bread. I have not tasted in North America anything remotely resembling the little Soviet 7-kopeck loaf. Or the big black 22-kopeck loaf. Or the round golden loaf.

And I’m not talking gas station bread. I’ve been to all sorts of fancy bakeries in the US. And it’s all trash compared to what we had in the USSR.

Germany has great bread, so it’s not like the USSR had some secret recipe.

Body and Soul

A colleague has a son who’s a little younger than me. Married, two small children. He had a numbness at the top of his spine. Went to the hospital and was told that it’s either terminal cancer or a stress-induced inflammation. And to come back in 3 months when they hope to be able to know for sure.

Where I come from, doctors would never say something like this. They’d conceal a terminal diagnosis from a patient until the very last because a terrified patient is less likely to have the energy to battle the disease. In the next three months, my colleague’s son will eat his heart out, worrying about whether he’s dying. His wife and children will suffer. The 70-year-old mom with a heart condition will suffer. Why do something like this? What’s the medical rationale for terrorizing a person like this? Whatever the man’s life expectancy is, these doctors have needlessly robbed him of 3 months of normal life.

And if it turns out to be nothing, what are the chances this guy will go get checked out in the future if he feels ill?

This all happens because the medical establishment in this country doesn’t accept that there’s any connection between psychological and physical sides of human beings. As if the body and the soul (psyche, nervous system, whatever you call it) living in it never communicated.

Who Are the Good Guys?

I also want to add that the passionate unanimity on how the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in 711 was a terrible tragedy has been substituted with a passionate unanimity that it was a wonderful miracle. At yesterday’s debate, both speakers differed as to the degree of the miraculous wonderfulness, with each claiming it was more wonderful than the opponent was saying.

I find both attitudes to be painfully boring. How about we stop looking for good guys and bad guys in history and accept that, like that Facebook status says, “it’s complicated.” I understand being emotionally invested into recent history. But this was 1,300 years ago. There’s really no need to cheer on the participants.

Emergency Meeting

The CDC has called an emergency meeting on side effects (heart damage) of the COVID “vaccine” in teenagers. Who are at no risk from COVID.

And this is just immediate side effects. Now let’s wait for the long-term effects of this particular medical experiment whose only benefit is a record profit for Pfizer and Moderna.

Before anybody quotes NYTimes at me saying that these side effects are unimportant, please remember that I’m not the one who called this emergency meeting. It was the CDC.