More Faucimail

And? Do “we” have ties to this “work abroad”?

Might it make sense to investigate and find out?

Tired of Canada

Time for my daily rant about Canadian lunacy. I’m in the conference in Canada that I talked about before. Today we have a keynote speaker from Mexico. A fascinating speaker! Great topic! Everybody is excited. He begins to speak and 10 minutes into the talk the moderator decides to turn off everybody’s cameras. The speaker is clearly thrown off by this. All of a sudden, he’s staring at a sea of black squares. If anybody tried this, it’s a soul-crushing experience, especially when you were not prepared for it.

The whole talk is organized as a talk. The speaker isn’t reading a paper. He’s trying to engage in a conversation. Those of you who have done public speaking know that being able to see the audience’s faces is key. You can gauge whether the listeners are responding, if a point needs to be clarified, if you are going off on an unnecessary tangent, etc.

Finally, the speaker interrupts the talk and starts begging the moderator to let him see human faces.

It’s pathetic. The whole conference is organized in this totalitarian way. I couldn’t take it anymore and left. This is my fifth online conference, and it’s the most totalitarian of all by far.

Austerity in Disguise

Public education is being turned into crap on purpose. It’s an austerity measure. People who care about their kids and have the slightest means to do so will find an alternative option to educate them. This is a brilliant way to introduce austerity without using the word or betraying your real purpose.

So if you wonder why first-graders are being taught that there are 50 genders, why good books are removed from the curriculum and substituted with unreadable crap, and why future teachers get less and less training in their disciplines – this is why. The public option becomes so low-quality that you are forced to use your own resources to substitute.

The Biggest Hoax

#FauciDump is a much bigger scandal than, say, Watergate. It’s a really, really big deal. But it’s not going to be reported and nobody is going to know. The people who are paying attention will be forever seen as conspiracy theorists and crazies if we ever mention any of the information in the Fauci emails.

This is a result of gullibility and incapacity to think for oneself that are common among people in Western countries. And it’s a bloody shame. An institution in the US was complicit in conducting dangerous experiments without bothering to ensure any safety protocols. A pandemic was created as a result. People died. Lives were destroyed. And nobody will suffer any consequences whatsoever. To the contrary, the people who organized this whole debacle are being elevated and idolized.

It is particularly offensive that the organization sponsoring coronavirus research is the National Institute of Health. The word “national” in its name really slaughters.


Folks, did you see the Fauci email dump? I was right about everything this whole time. The virus did come from a lab, it was engineered and modified on purpose, it was done as part of a research project paid for by the NIH under Fauci’s supervision, masks don’t work, etc.

This is one of many emails. Look up the rest if you are interested.

We’ve been massively had. And there’s still no effort to find out what other viruses are being cooked up in that Wuhan lab and what the chances are of their release.