Preachy Art

In Philip Roth’s 1998 novel I Married a Communist, a young woke student brings a professor a play he wrote. And this is what the professor says about it:

This play of yours is crap. It’s awful. It’s infuriating. It is crude, primitive, simple-minded, propagandistic crap. It blurs the world with words. And it reeks to high heaven of your virtue. Nothing has a more sinister effect on art than an artist’s desire to prove that he’s good. . . Start preaching and taking positions, start seeing your own perspective as superior, and you’re worthless as an artist, worthless and ludicrous. Why do you write these proclamations? Because you look around and you’re ‘shocked’? Because you look around and you’re ‘moved’? People give up too easily and fake their feelings. They want to have feelings right away, and so ‘shocked’ and ‘moved’ are the easiest. The stupidest. Except for the rare case, Mr. Zuckerman, shock is always fake. Proclamations. Art has no use for proclamations! Get your lovable shit out of this office, please.

There’s truly nothing to add.

Wealth Transfer Explained

This is the most important thread one can read today. It tells us of how an ownership class is being transformed into a permanent renter class.

As I keep saying, we are witnessing the largest wealth transfer in decades. We are experiencing it right now and this should be all that we are talking about. The linked thread talks about a single aspect of this wealth transfer (also known as The Great Reset). But there are many other aspects.