No Prophet

It really stuns me when people triumphantly declare “You disagreed with [insert name] on subjects XYZ so how can you possibly agree with him on subjects ABC?” and think it’s a real gotcha.

Every single person on this planet is right about some things and wrong about others. Prophets are in short supply.

Start Listening

Even WHO is now saying that children under 18 should not get vaccinated for COVID. Germany is not recommending the vaccine for healthy children under 18 either.

Will people here in the US finally start listening? Probably not, given that even a woman whose healthy 13-year-old nephew was killed by the vaccine is still defending the idea of giving it to her own children.

Secret Demons

This whole argument of “if the stupid proles find out the truth about COVID, they’ll genocide the Chinese/ they are on the verge of genociding the blacks, the Muslims, the gays / let’s make sure we keep their genocidal impulses under control” is getting old. It’s also starting to feel like a massive projection. Enough of this already.

Wrong Neighborhood

A Puerto Rican couple was gunned down in Chicago yesterday for driving through a wrong neighborhood with a Puerto Rican flag. Nobody cares, of course, because it’s one of many shootings in a yet another blood-soaked weekend in Chicago. But it’s really bizarre to see Charles Murray fret about imaginary hordes of murderous white supremacists when there’s horrible stuff that’s been happening for years. Why invent these ridiculous fantasies when there are real problems?