Forget About It

OK, forget everything I said about Charles Murray’s new book.

8 thoughts on “Forget About It

  1. Well, at least the sentence “Democracy Dies in Darkness” has a clever alliterative sound to it.

    How about “White quilt judgement withers quickly justly in wanton quixotic journals”– such as the “Washington Post.”

    No, I’m not being clever, and I don’t get worked up about the idiocy that I see spilling out from every national media channel. I watch today’s news with a shrug, and recognize that tomorrow’s problems belong to a younger generation who’s welcome to take the reins.

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      1. Hah! Obviously, I meant “White guilt judgement,” but I don’t bother correcting minor typos that I occasionally make in my late-night comments. 🙂


            1. There was this Twitter feed where somebody asked people to give him random words she he’d immediately find links on how whatever the word they choose is racist. It was hilarious. Water! Air! Roads! Vegetables! It went on forever.

              At a conference recently, a Mexican scholar said that it’s now a popular thing in Mexico to talk about how the US is so racist which is insane because Mexico is a million times more racist. But nobody notices it because it all pales in comparison with the supposedly more racist US.


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