I went outside and met a large red fox who was holding a dead bird in her teeth. She stopped and stared me down.

Plantation Overseers

On a serious note, García Martínez’s analysis of the situation in the Silicon Valley strikes me as very naive. He sees Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and other CEOs as victims of their woke employees, unable to put an end to leftist lunacy in the workplace. Poor Google, for example, is “limping from crisis to crisis forever,” García Martínez exclaims. Yes, poor, miserable Google. Such a tiny, insignificant, powerless company.

Leftist lunatics in the workplace are the equivalent of BLM goons in the streets. They are brought there on purpose, egged on, and deployed to serve as disciplinarians. They are the plantation overseer, got it? They make sure you work hard for Massa and live in fear. Massa is not their victim. There is no “good Tsar” duped and controlled by his evil ministers.

So let’s stop asking “why is NYTimes allowing 20-year-olds to bully seasoned journalists.” And “why is Google letting a few unhinged harpies terrorize serious people who bring actual value to the company.” This is all done by design.

Suggestion for Silicon Valley

Antonio García Martínez writes in the wake of his firing from Apple over some woke hysteria:

In those confessionals of Silicon Valley life—private Signal groups where everyone is sworn to a secrecy enforced by the mutually-assured destruction of impolitic candor—venture capitalists and CEOs confide that every company is now agonizing over which way to break on the issue: Coinbase-style defiance and voluntary severance? Or Google-like caving to a small but burning-hot swarm of employees? They’re also debating strategies to avoid the woke trap altogether: How do we hire employees who won’t start internal woke crusades and waste everyone’s time? I just want to make this go away: what do I do? Can you just look at this shit? (Slack screenshot attached.)

(My suggestion: Hire mostly immigrants, who still entertain the quaint notion that getting a job means actually showing up and doing it, rather than mounting Slack crusades to fill the spiritual hole at the core of their lives.)

I can refine this suggestion: hire Russian-speaking immigrants. Has anybody seen a woke Russian speaker anywhere? OK, Masha Gessen but that’s it. Russians can write code and can’t take anything ideological seriously.