Trump Obsession

I subscribed to a Twitter feed called “food inspiration.” It immediately regaled me with a tweet “Trump is nuts.” It’s kind of sad that Democrats are still so obsessed with Trump. It’s also sad that every topic one subscribes is overrun with the Left’s Trump fantasies. I already had to unsubscribe from the topic “books.” It was never about books.

Wish I Were There

I want to be in Spain right now on an almost physiological level. I can’t explain what it does to me to be there. I have no other explanation for these feelings than that my ancestors were Spanish Jews expelled in 1492.

I also have very intense feelings for the south-east of Germany.

I’ve been to what? 16-17 countries, and these are the only places that have this effect on me.

Woke Capitalism: George Floyd Underwear

It’s particularly funny given that George Floyd, like pretty much every BLM martyr, committed violent acts against women.

The new colours are named after gemstones such as Topaz and Amber after the retailer said it received ‘clear customer feedback’ against names such as Tobacco. 

Yeah, I mean, forget tobacco. Name it after fentanyl. That would be more appropriate.