Wealth Transfer Explained

This is the most important thread one can read today. It tells us of how an ownership class is being transformed into a permanent renter class.

As I keep saying, we are witnessing the largest wealth transfer in decades. We are experiencing it right now and this should be all that we are talking about. The linked thread talks about a single aspect of this wealth transfer (also known as The Great Reset). But there are many other aspects.

3 thoughts on “Wealth Transfer Explained

  1. That one really caught my eye, because we are going to be forced into the rental market soon, and would like to rent for as little time as possible before looking at buying a house. But the thing is…in the area we’re moving to, the rental market is extremely tight right now. And the realtor explained to us that this is because investors are buying up all the properties, and renovating them, in order to rent them out. Which means right now there’s hardly anything on the rental market there for any price, and in the longer-term when we’ll be looking to buy, prices will likely have been driven right out of our range. My brother’s looking to buy a house right now, in another state entirely, and he’s in the same fix: everything he looks at gets 10 bids on it, and ends up sold for at least 20% over the asking price.

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  2. One long term plot hole in this getting rich scheme is that with the efforts to reduce population, these houses might stay empty some 30 years down the road. Which means endless bail outs. We are giving control to people who only care about getting rich today and destroying the future of the whole nation.

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