The Cruelest Month

Every year when the heat comes, it takes my body 7-10 days to adapt. Until it happens, I feel sluggish, somnolent, slow, stupid, and sick (but still capable of alliteration).

Then I adapt and it gets better.

This is why I’m not brimming with profound insight at the moment. I’m just trying to get through the day.

5 thoughts on “The Cruelest Month

  1. “Every year when the heat comes, it takes my body 7-10 days to adapt.”

    That’s because you live in Illinois, where it’s a yucky damp heat. You should move to Arizona, where the summers are nice and dry.

    The temperature right now is a beautiful 115 degrees!


  2. We just hit our first couple of weeks of 90+ temps here. Totally miserable the first week, but we resisted the temptation of the A/C, kept the windows open, and ran box fans 24/7. It doesn’t feel as bad this week.

    It helps to take a cold shower before bed.

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  3. I am sorry you feel miserable in the heat. I spent my formative years in misery with humid summer heat(muggy Missouri). But since I significantly lowered my complex carb intake, I don’t feel the heat like I used to. I spend most of the year cold and it’s only summer where I warm up. Drinking lots of water helps too. And the cold shower before bed is a great idea.

    Hope you overcome and adapt quickly.


  4. Summer in the Midwest is the #$%#^@$ worst.

    If someone had told me my ideal temperature would be 45-55, I’d say they were crazy. Yet, it’s true.

    Btw, I lived in AZ for five years and Dreidel has a point. I would still take 115 in Phoenix over 80 in the Midwest where it’s 80% humidity.

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