Famous Intellectuals

Folks, did you know that Niall Ferguson is married to Ayan Hirsi Ali? I had no idea. Usually, the spouses of famous, big thinker types are there to facilitate the careers of the famous big thinkers. And here they are both famous big intellectuals. Fascinating.

3 thoughts on “Famous Intellectuals

  1. ” Niall Ferguson is married to Ayan Hirsi Ali?”

    When I first heard this I thought much less of her… that’s because I had confused him with Neil Ferguson (the architect of lockdowns in the UK who broke his own rules for a booty call with a married woman).

    Then I realized they’re separate people…. and felt dumb. That said I’m not sure that I consider Ali an intellectual as such, she’s more a popularizer and politician (both of which are valuable and it was extraordinarily stupid of the Netherlands to force her out there – once more short-sighted European loss and American gain.

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  2. Reply to “Famous Intellectuals”

    Mary Ellen Rudin and Walter Rudin were both major figures in mathematics in the second half of the 20th century. (My opinion is that Mary Ellen was the more important mathematician, though many disagree with me.)


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