Bogged Down in Triviality

It really bugged me when people acted outraged by every trivial little thing Trump did or said. It bugs me just as much when their opponents do it.

There was absolutely nothing scandalous or “undemocratic” about Biden’s response to the journalist today. Just like there’s nothing shocking about Kamala Harris not “going to the border.” The ritualistic nature of the invocations of this utterly spurious need to “go to the border” is downright embarrassing. There’s no use to be derived from Harris getting photo-ops at the border. And when she does go, you will have wasted all that time and outrage on absolutely nothing.

Wailing to the skies over insignificant little things is the most reliable way to strengthen your opponent’s support. If the worst you can say about Biden is that he snapped at some reporter, the inevitable conclusion is that he must be pretty great.

And since I’m at it, Lilibet is a really cute name. Let’s not become the kind of resentful losers who bitch about baby names. Babies are great, and their birth should be greeted with joy even if their parents are often annoying. The only curious thing about that name is the mother’s complete self-effacement from it. Projections notwithstanding, nobody has a clue what happens inside any marriage except the people who are in it.

5 thoughts on “Bogged Down in Triviality

  1. These “news” are just Twitter fodder. I don’t think that normal people care about any of that. Stupid things like what you mention are easy to frame in a short paragraph and give the people with followers-dependent careers a lot of traction. If Twitter would disappear, a lot of it would go away.


  2. I’m a white, male, CIS Brit.

    I think I’m supposed to hate Lilibert Diana.

    I don’t, I think it’s great name.

    However, I do have two questions:
    1) why are both names from the father’s family?
    2) Was any attempt made to discuss with the namesake before anointing with those names?

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    1. That’s what I’m saying. The mother is not present in the name at all. I think people are seriously misjudging the balance of power in that relationship.


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