To Defeat CRT You Need to Be Cool

I hate CRT and CRT-based teaching. I’m sending my kid to a private school in large part to spare her being taught CRT that is now mandated in Illinois. (We aren’t allowed to give teaching licenses to anybody who hasn’t undergone a lengthy CRT conditioning. I posted screenshots proving it before and I’d rather not do it again.)

But these anti-CRT bills that some states are trying to push are moronic. I’m sorry, but they are. Here’s the one from PA:

See what the problem is? Anything can be deemed a racist or sexist concept. Anything. Birds, water, apple juice. All this does is bring more fear, persecution, and ideological insanity into teaching as people battle whose racism is racister and who is the racistest of all the racisting racists.

You can’t win this battle through legislation. You can’t exercise power to make people stop acting crazy and believing insane stuff. Wokeism captured academia, the arts, and the tech fields not because somebody passed a law. People are genuinely and sincerely attracted to the woke worldview. It’s winning because people like it. The only way to defeat it is to propose a more attractive alternative.

In the USSR, we had the strictest censorship imaginable. Yet by the 1970s, only the tiniest minority believed in the woke dogma that was taught exclusively and aggressively everywhere. Soviet people turned away from wokeism not because somebody passed a law but because the other side was so much more alluring. It had better music, cooler clothes, more engaging ideas, more talented journalism (that people listened to secretly on old radios in the dead of night), better books. It was the same thing in the Franco dictatorship. Younger people simply turned away from the state-mandated dogma because it was boring, old-fashioned, and really uncool.

You can’t legislate the woke madness away. But you can make it so kids yawn and share memes mocking the frumpy oldster trying to pontificate about systemic racisters in class.

“Venceréis, pero no convenceréis” – you will win but you will not convince – famously said Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

“Long live death! Death to the intelligence!” yelled fascists in the audience.

We need to make our own “death to the intelligence” folks uncool. We can’t order people not to believe this garbage. But we can offer a more attractive alternative. In Spain, there’s now a whole generation of young, crazy cool, really talented anti-woke artists. There’s also a crowd of crazed wokesters who call them fascists and scream like unhinged banshees. But the woke banshees are so uncool and unattractive that I have no doubt who will win that particular battle.

I love the legislative path for many things but not for the battle of ideas.

I know people hate long posts, so sorry but I had to let it all out.

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