Addiction Woes

I don’t understand why people are defending the pothead athlete with weird nails. If she’s so hopelessly addicted that she can’t stay off drugs even when a trip to the Olympics is at stake, she should definitely not be going anywhere but to rehab. This is not a casual user. Is there a mood-altering substance you couldn’t give up temporarily for a professional opportunity of a lifetime?

No, it’s not a performance-enhancing drug. It’s a drug that – especially in somebody this severely addicted – can cause erratic behavior, violence, psychosis, etc. And this is not even counting what might happen if she can’t immediately access the drug and starts jonesing. Why are very unwell people like this woman needed at the Olympics?

It’s also disappointing that instead of inspiring us to lead healthy lives, the Olympics are parading a cast of unhealthy weirdos. First, it was a man on a women’s weightlifting team. Then a neurotic hammer thrower. Now there’s a junkie on the runners’ team. I’m sure the majority of athletes are normal people but nobody talks about them.

2 thoughts on “Addiction Woes

  1. It has been my experience that people who have done something wrong tend to support other people who have been found doing the same thing, so that they can feel better about themselves or be able to claim that whatever was done isn’t actually that bad.

    In the case of cannabis I also wouldn’t be surprised if the pro cannabis lobby paid a few so-called “journalists” to write supportive media pieces so as to create controversy and keep cannabis in the news in order to further their own agenda. In a world where it is commonplace for journalists to be motivated to write practically anything for a couple of hundred dollars, it is to be expected.

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    1. Exactly! To people who are getting emotional over this story, I’d suggest thinking whether they might have addiction issues.

      Also, if you are completely sure about your life choices, you don’t need to have them constantly validated by others.


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