Happy July 4!

On July 4th, many people ask themselves what made them feel really American. Here’s a great article by Katya Sedgwick on the subject.

I think that having children in a country really makes you of that country. You learn so much and so fast as you carry to term, deliver and raise a child.

One thought on “Happy July 4!

  1. Why does it feel like the mainstream media perpetually squashes these types of stories. They used to be commonplace. I grew up reading these types of articles but now–they are only on obscure webpages no one has ever heard about.

    My pastor teaches at a seminary in Ukraine. He is passionate about his students and our church supports them financially to attend training in the Christian faith. This morning, my pastor told me the Ukrainian students tell him they pray for us Americans because we are the last superpower and we are succumbing to Communism. How is it that our errors are visible to the rest of the world but we are decadent in our blindness?

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