Mask Logic

I brought the kids on campus but we were stopped by the Steen gentleman at the student center.

“The kids have to be masked!” he announced. “I can provide masks but I can’t let you in without them.”

We agreed to masks and took a bunch from the gentleman. I started putting them on the kids but he stopped me. “Oh, it’s enough if you just carry them in your pocket,” he said. “They don’t have to actually wear them.”

5 thoughts on “Mask Logic

  1. Like a magical talisman, masks protect you no matter their location! The only requirement is that they are less than 6 feet away from you.

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    1. “Like a magical talisman”

      People who think they are over and/or immune to religion…. are the most susceptible to falling for pseudo-religious rites (which is what masks have become for many…. progressive…. people).

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      1. And learning…
        the hypocrisy of adults?
        that the law is an ass sometimes?
        the madness of the world?
        I’d say it was a great lesson for them.

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