Israel is stupid, too.

3 thoughts on “Stupid

  1. People make mistakes and misunderstandings happen, what else is new? These mistakes can be quite annoying, but they are usually not vicious. People often assume that I am of a certain nationality and even go as far as addressing me in a language I do not understand well. This happens to me both in professional and personal contexts (i.e., a doctor’s office). It can be very disorienting since you are expecting a person to speak English but something incomprehensible is coming out of their mouth! As annoyed as I am, I would never think to sue anyone for that. (If you come from Europe you may understand how much certain nationalities do not want to be mistaken for others! 😉 ) I do understand that these people just made an honest mistake and are actually trying to be kind to me by addressing me in what they believe is my native tongue. While everyone is entitled to being treated with kindness and respect, no one is guaranteed to not ever deal with any misunderstandings. Unfortunately, as a society, we do not understand that anymore.

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    1. That’s what I find the most confounding about the increasing snowflakery everywhere. It seems some seem to believe that they have an inalienable right to never feel the slightest bit annoyed or confused or uncomfortable.

      We live around other people; they are going to have thoughts and feelings that are not perfectly aligned with ours. Being occasionally annoyed or confused or uncomfortable is part of living around others. Most people are not out to get anyone; they are too busy trying to make it through their day. But we’ve lost the ability to lighten up, to live and let live.

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      1. I was recently repeatedly “misgendered” by a new hire. We had a nice chuckle over it and moved on. Nobody’s life would be better if I started getting huffy over it. “How dare he suggest that only men can be department Chairs! Sexism!” It was just a misunderstanding, whatever. Who needs the drama?

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