Wealth Inequality

I could never understand why I should care about this kind of thing:

Last week I talked to an incoming student who is 24. She recently bought a house with her 23-year-old husband. I know the neighborhood. It’s very cute. I haven’t heard any information on things being a lot easier for a young couple in France, Italy, or Japan. If life is better here, who cares that somebody has more than most?

What’s really interesting, though, is that the people who do care have absolutely no problem with a transfer of billions of dollars of taxpayer money to Pfizer and Moderna for “free vaccines.” COVID created 40 new billionaires in the pharma industry. It exploded Walmart’s profits by allowing it to eat thousands of small businesses. All of this was aggressively defended and promoted by the people who can’t stop fretting about “wealth inequality.”

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    It bothers me, at least, that some people are so poverty-stricken that their children grow up with brain damage caused by malnutrition, for example. These children are filtered out of the system, so we University professors never see them. This is just one result of wealth inequality.


    1. Then why don’t you care that the trillions that could go to feeding then many times over went into the pockets of Big Pharma and Big Business to prop up unnecessary lockdowns? Lockdowns, might j remind everybody, that resulted in 5 times more children committing suicide than dying of anything related to COVID.

      I’m sorry, but I no longer believe in anyone caring about children who abetted school closures and lockdowns and isn’t right now actively fighting COVID vaccination and mask mandates for children.

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  2. It’s envy. This type of article fosters and facilitates envy–the deadly cancer that comes from focusing on what others have that we want rather than practicing simple gratitude. What is really great about throwing off the toxicity of envy is the joy and freedom of just living life with holistic happiness. What do I mean by that? I rode my bike this morning and saw a barred owl. He didn’t care about me one blither. But I was grateful to see such a beautiful bird up close. And it made my heart happy. So I thanked God for that beautiful gift. I may be simple-minded, but I’m glad of heart and that is priceless.

    And while I care very much about children suffering from malnutrition, rather than complaining about income inequality, I prefer to live my life in such a way as to help those I can and pray for those I can’t.


  3. I care about both (though I don’t understand the progressives’ single minded obsession with it.) There’s dozens of us!


  4. What frosts me is when people use “inequality” as a synonym for “injustice.” Inequality is just another word for difference, and no sane person wants to eliminate all differences. But if you equate inequality with injustice, then it become something that must be eliminated at all costs. This is extremely useful to rabble rousers and power seekers and progressive politicians, but disastrous to most individuals and to society at large.


  5. No one – and I must insist, NO ONE – aged 23/24, what am I saying, even 33/34, would be able to buy a flat, let alone a house here in Italy, unless they were given the money from their parents.
    It would also be very unusual for someone to be married at such an age as 23 or 24, as most young people here go on relying financially on their families well into their thirties…


    1. “NO ONE – aged 23/24… would be able to buy a flat, let alone a house here in Italy unless they were given the money from their parents”

      Frankly, it sounds weird in modern America too considering various housing bubbles,creeping credentialism that puts off entry into the lucrative labor market and the mass buy out of housing by hedge funds or some such fucker I can’t imagine a couple in their early 20s being able to afford a house on their own.

      As late as the early 1970s maybe (when well paying stable jobs could be had out of high school) but that ship has sailed.


      1. Interest rates are at record lows. There hasn’t been a better time to take out a mortgage in decades.


    2. Yeah, this is very unusual in the US, too. Sounds like parents chipped in with the downpayment (happens a lot, even with older people). Although maybe if people started selling cars at 18 and are super good at it,
      by 23 they have enough for a downpayment? Or they’re an unusually successful entrepreneur or work for an established family business (like a plumber or electrician)? For example, my plumber is a third-generation plumber. It pays really well once you work for an established business.


    3. My husband and I showed up in this country with nothing but debt and bought a 3,000-square foot house within 10 years of emigrating. Before anybody says it’s because we are educated, I have a friend without a high school diploma who bought a slightly larger house close by 10 years after emigrating.


  6. “aggressively defended and promoted by the people who can’t stop fretting about “wealth inequality.””

    Yeah a lot of people suck, that doesn’t make current levels of wealth inequality in the US any less pathological. The more I think about it the more of a centrist I become.
    It’s fine if the more talented, driven etc make more money than most people, cool and more power to them! But Bezos level wealth and this:

    American Dysfunction… coming to a country near you?!

    existing side by side is massively wrong (if your students don’t understand the concept of ‘wasted lives’ then point them to these videos…. there’s no better illustrator though you might point out that the people here are largely кого and not хто in their hopelessness and exclusion from discussions of comparative economics).

    Polish people sometimes don’t understand/believe me when I say that there are pockets of poverty and hopelessness far worse than anything in Poland or generally in Europe.


  7. People can be so jealous of other private citizens who are doing tons better than they are, but think nothing of the obscene wealth of so many in business and government.
    It’s like the elitists exist in a separate “shadow government” of their own apart from the ones the average Joe or Jane exists in.


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