Free Medication

Isn’t it weird that everybody gets COVID-vaccinated for free in the US, even foreign nationals? Why is taxpayer money being spent on vaccinating foreigners from countries with “free healthcare”?

If they had money to travel, why don’t they have money to pay for their own medication? We aren’t distributing free insulin or Tylenol, are we?

6 thoughts on “Free Medication

  1. The idea of medicating an entire population for free isn’t weird. When there is a mosquito plague that affects the commons, entire swamps are sprayed with pesticide without asking each household to spray its own backyard. In the case of rat infestations that affect the commons, again entire neighbourhoods are baited without each household being asked to pay for the rat bait that goes into their backyard.

    That said, what is weird about it all is that the medical products being given out aren’t properly tested and probably shouldn’t be called medicine at all. It is well known that vaccines take about a decade to adequately test so that benefits outweigh detriments. Since the so-called vaccines being given out for free were developed only a little over a year ago, then they cannot have passed proper rigour.


  2. “Why is taxpayer money being spent on vaccinating foreigners from countries with ‘free healthcare’?”

    So that these foreigners don’t catch and spread the virus to good taxpaying American citizens while they’re over here.


      1. “Why doesn’t anybody care of they spread HIV or STDs or any other communicable disease?”

        BECAUSE people only catch HIV and other STDs by active direct intimate contact with another human being — not simply by walking about and breathing in the air.


  3. I have a friend who currently resides in the UK, who traveled to the US twice this summer to teach. The UK required him to spend over 1000£ out of his own pocket to comply with the vaccination, testing, and quarantining rules for those trips. The only free things were the Covid tests he had to take (and be negative) in the US before he was allowed to return each time. I don’t begrudge him the tests (he is a US citizen), but find it amusing how much he had to pay for in his current country which supposedly has “free, universal” healthcare.


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