Unusual Travel Supplies

My sister travels with her own coffee maker.

My brother-in-law travels with his Apple TV.

N travels with his water filter pitcher.

I travel with my bullet-journaling supplies.

Do you have anything unusual you just have to bring on your travels?

12 thoughts on “Unusual Travel Supplies

  1. The only thing that I travel with is a complete set of my prescription medications, which I take daily for several age-related physical conditions.Sounds like a pain in the ass,but I’ve taken this exact same combination of prescribed medication for over ten years now (mid-sixties to my late seventies), and my two doctors (a nephrologist and primary care provider) who see me once a year keep saying, “Your body isn’t changing — just keep doing whatever you’re doing (exercise, diet, etc.), and we’ll see you again in in twelve months.”

    I USED to carry a heavy set of dumbbells in my luggage (which made it impossible for my girlfriends to pick up my bags), but discovered years ago that I can forgo my routine home workouts for a two-week-or-so trip with no decline in stamina or health.

    So I’m in a prolonged holding pattern right now that will serve me well…until time eventually runs out somewhere further on down the line.


  2. My notebooks, a slim, flat hardcover book and at least three pens. There’s a lot of downtime during traveling and use that time for writing, the hardcover is to balance the notebook on my lap

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  3. I bring my nature journal, paintbox, and brushes. There isn’t always time to paint but I enjoy making notes about the different types of creatures and habitats that we see.

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  4. ” anything unusual you just have to bring on your travels”

    (mumble mumble) decades ago, I accompanied/helped my mother on an annual 2-3 month PR trip though a bunch of small towns in the plains states (it took at least three full days of driving to get to the first town then a few days in each town and half a day or so between towns).

    One year (or two, I think two) I loaded a record player and a set of albums into the car so I would have access to music I liked (and wouldn’t have to wait a couple of months to hear new records I bought on the road).

    Now I just like to have a few books and paper and pen.

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  5. What’s an Apple TV?
    And I had never heard/seen in print the expression “bullet journal” for what I have always called a notebook. And I teach English. I really feel humiliated.

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    1. ” never heard/seen in print the expression “bullet journal””

      I don’t get that either, from what I can tell it’s a kind of fancy schedule or day runner (as female office workers were calling them in the late 1980s early 1990s).

      It’s probably a lot more expensive though….


      1. You can do your bullet journaling in any notebook. There isn’t any particular one you’d need to buy. I use color pens and stickers a lot. Some people use stencils.

        The whole thing is like an art / meditation practice for people who have zero artistic talent. It’s very relaxing.


    2. No, please, don’t feel bad. Bullet journaling is a very specific practice that was invented a few years ago. It’s a sort of a vaguely artistic hobby. It’s very good for excessively logical, hyper-rational people because it helps to explore the other hemisphere of their brains.


  6. I travel with an assortment of homeopathic remedies. Peppermint for nausea. Lavender to help relax nerves. Zinc to ward off infections (we come into contact with a lot of germs when we travel). Basically, anything that will help me feel well or heal from minor medical issues.

    I also always travel with my bible. I don’t really go anywhere without it. The comfort it provides during down time is priceless–precious. This may make me sound super pious or snotty–I assure the reader I am neither. I am naturally anxious and it calms me. Everything about travel causes anxiety for me. Time tables. Deadlines. Plane onboarding/offboarding, new lodging/bed (am I safe?). And many things I won’t list. I don’t just want a distraction from this anxiety–I want to hear truth and hope and peace. The bible provides all of that for me.

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    1. I travel with my Bible reading calendar that lists daily readings. Then I read on my phone. It’s absolutely very soothing, so I get it completely.


  7. A towel. And that’s not even a Hitchhiker joke. I use it to pad out my car’s horrible bucket seats, I use it for a pillow (I have a pinched nerve in my neck, and actual pillows aggravate it), it’s great when I need an emergency diaper-changing station… endlessly useful.


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