In Florida

I’m one of the two little heads in the distance.

Everything is beautiful and amazing but God, folks, the prices have exploded. Everything is always more expensive in the tourist areas. We are used to that. But this time, the usual tourist premium is added on top of the general price increase and the result is crazy. The salary increase I’m expecting as a result of my promotion has been eaten up even before I received it.

Still, it’s the best state in the union right now.

7 thoughts on “In Florida

  1. Hi Clarissa, Glad you and your family are enjoying your vacation. What part of Florida has beaches like that? I’m ready to go ! “Far from the Madding Crowd” Love it, Hodcarrier

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    1. We are in Fort Myers Beach. It’s our favorite place but there are many great beaches in Florida. Marco Island is really great but expensive. Fort Walton is nice but very touristy. Pensacola is cheaper but for a younger crowd.


          1. “crazy about Naples”

            I guess it’s a nice looking place… but I can’t get over them throwing rocks at a bus I was on (aftermath of a high school football game, people got very….. emotional… about high school football back then).


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