Lives of Others

My reaction would absolutely be outrage over the violation of privacy. The games people play in their marriages are none of my business. I’m not part of their relationship, so what do I care? But lack of privacy online does concern us all.

Nobody outside of a marriage can understand what’s going on inside it and why. Having an emotional response to other people’s marriages is useless and not extremely healthy. Also, there’s no single evildoer in a marriage. If it goes bad, two people must have worked really hard to make it so.

Of course, this is all about some randy Catholic priest getting outed online and not about anybody’s marriage, so that’s a completely different story.

2 thoughts on “Lives of Others

  1. Let me try to fix this: “Imagine a married man who makes his living out of lecturing others about not cheating on their wives (and holds himself up as an example of virtue) who cheats on his wife habitually via a sex app and his infidelity is revealed by a third party. Now imagine your publicly stated first reaction being horror at the violation of his sacred privacy rather than what he did.”

    Perhaps people who pay his salary and are being lectured may have something to be outraged about beyond the violation of this person’s privacy…


    1. Exactly. There’s got to be something else other than the private relationship between him and the wife. Otherwise, I don’t see why I should care.


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