You know how a drug addict who kicked the habit comes into a room, sees a full syringe, and slams it into his vein because you never truly kick the habit?

I’m that addict. I came into my sister’s room and saw a substance my body can no longer tolerate: unshelled sunflower seeds. But an addict is always an addict. I inhaled a bunch and now await the consequences in fear.

Strangely, the only side effect of my gallbladder surgery is that I can’t tolerate anything coming from sunflowers. Seeds, oil – it all makes me feel as if the gallbladder were still in place and hurting like a bastard.

One thought on “Druggie

  1. Bless your heart! I am the same way with candy, cake, or cookies. I give them up, but if left unsupervised in a moment of passion, I will consume until I’m sick. Sad but true. I avoid it at all costs. Fudge brownies especially!


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