Canadian Voting

Canadians, who are you going to vote for on the federal level? Erin O’Toole is a total tool. I just saw him abusing reporters, getting people arrested, horrid. Obviously, we don’t have any Trudeau fans here on the blog. What are the options? Who’s sane?

The pickings seem very slim.

9 thoughts on “Canadian Voting

    1. The “only option” for you perhaps?

      In the last federal election two-thirds of Quebec voters voted against this sorry band of ethno-nationalist grifters.


  1. Canada has become a sort of “one-party democracy” where all the major parties are various flavours of woke.

    Any politician who is suspected of deviating even slightly from the agreed programme of Canada’s wokester elites is isolated and mercilessly pilloried by a media that is as woke as they come.

    Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

    *[I would like to conclude by acknowledging that the land on which I composed this post is the traditional and (even perhaps?) unceded territory of the (insert here one, or perhaps several, of 50+ indigenous) nations in Canada.]

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    1. At least, you still have your sense of humor.

      It’s so sad what’s happening. I keep hoping that people will turn back from this abyss of hopeless stupidity. Still keep hoping. Although it’s getting harder every day.


      1. “At least, you still have your sense of humor.”

        Non-Canadians may find it difficult to grasp that Canada has become a failing liberal democracy where public dissent is tightly controlled by its woke elites. (Private grumbling, like I am doing here, is not as yet policed but stay tuned.)

        A recent illustration.

        This year Canada’s political elites decided to significantly amend Canada’s written constitution to allow the linguistic/ethnic majority in Quebec undefined powers in relation to the province’s minorities and within the Canadian federal system. They did this by magically inventing out of thin air a procedural mechanism that they claimed allowed them simply to declare that Quebec was a “nation” and add this new formula to Canada’s written constitution thereby avoiding the constitution’s complex amendment procedures. Thirty years ago a similar proposal was decisively defeated in a national referendum.

        And all of this took place with Canada’s wokester chattering classes mostly looking the other way and holding their tongues.

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        1. Wow. That’s stunning. I had absolutely no idea. This is an enormously big deal but nobody is talking about it?? Such weird things are happening.


          1. “This is an enormously big deal but nobody is talking about it??”

            That’s my point. Canada’s woke elites have the country locked down tighter than a drum. They can do pretty much whatever they want because the only political divisions that are currently given oxygen in public are style and personality.

            Another recent illustration.

            Borders between several Canadian provinces were closed and patrolled by police for months on end during both 2020 and 2021. Say, for example, you lived in Manitoba but wanted to visit your summer cottage on a nearby lake in Ontario – forget-about-it!

            In theory, Canadians possess constitutionally protected “mobility rights” to move freely from province to province in Canada. But those who tried to claim these rights from provincial governments through the courts were instead given mealy-mouthed “public health” excuses by the justices because… well, in today’s Canada the wokester elites act in woke concert.

            Now here’s the joke. Because wokesters will be wokesters, guess who gets a hall pass on these border closures? Well, of course, folks who can claim to possess “indigenous treaty rights.” Imagine, rights to pass over provincial borders in case of a COVID plague in 2020-21 were enshrined in centuries old sacred treaties with Canada’s native peoples – what unbelievable foresight!!

            So constitutionally protected rights for everyone are negated while at the same time mythical “treaty rights” are reified. And, right out loud where everyone can hear and see.

            But no one talks about it in the public sphere.

            As above, Canada has become a kind of “one-party democracy” of the woke.

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  2. The sensible, practical country that I grew up in is long gone. Living in Western Canada, our best hope is the breakup of the country into successor states; a Western Canada state would likely be more pragmatic than the current arrangement.

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  3. Canadian here. Since we basically vote local to vote federal, I’ll be seeing which of the local candidates are my flavor. O’Toole is 100% a knob – even my staunchly conservative friends agree. In the past I’ve voted Green when I’m boxed in a corner, because our Libertarian Party is nowhere to be found.


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