Need My Space

Everybody is very surprised that my husband and I don’t text each other continuously throughout the day. Unless we are coordinating a furniture delivery or a kid pickup, we don’t text each other at all, to be honest.

I’m passionately in love with the man but I need some space, too. Being constantly in touch feels very suffocating. I’m not saying that people who do it are in any way wrong. I’m sure it’s super cute when they do it. I’m just saying that even the thought of getting several text messages a day from him makes me feel choked.

We also don’t read each other’s social media. What would we talk about if we did? I bring all of my best material here and have very little else to contribute to a conversation.

One thought on “Need My Space

  1. Hubs and I are the same. We both need a lot of space.

    Some people seem happy in co-dependent relationships. TBH, even being around those who are can feel suffocating for those of us who are not. Example: I have a colleague who eventually married another colleague. In the days before those two were a couple, they were “only” friends, and I put quotation marks because whenever I went to coffee or lunch with him (as colleagues!), his then friend / future wife would text or call him multiple times. He couldn’t string ten sentences together without getting interrupted. I couldn’t understand how this was not driving him insane. Apparently, they are in non-stop contact even today (married with kids). I would pull my hair out if my partner were so clingy, but to each their own, I suppose.


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