Out of Pocket

Defund the police = pay out of pocket for policing:


And those who can’t pay are superfluous anyway.

2 thoughts on “Out of Pocket

    1. That only works when the enforcement of the Rule of Law is taking place. If the Rule of Law is not being enforced whether through inaction by the enforcers, or by inaction due to the removal of the enforcers. Then the contract of civilization is broken and Vigilantism becomes the de facto rule of the day. You can sneer at it all you want and call them criminals. However when people see their families and livelihoods attacked, murdered, destroyed, etc; then see the enforcers publicly refusing to do their jobs, or being removed by what are essentially domestic terrorists, then yes they will turn to vigilantism to find justice.

      Personally I think its going to end badly. These things generally do. However if I was in the shoes of someone living in an area where the the enforcement of the Rule of Law had ceased or been removed. You can safely bet I’d be 100% supporting the creation of private police forces or vigilante groups, even knowing how badly they tend to end up.


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