TV Notes: Mare of Easttown

What a great series, friends! An anti-globalist manifesto with a brilliant cast. Kate Winslet is superb. The aesthetic is very Northern Ireland but still works great. Watch it keeping in mind anti-globalism and you’ll enjoy it even more.

Highly, highly recommended. I’m in the process of writing an article about a novel that has the same idea as this show at its core, so it all makes sense.

One question I have, though, is what should we watch now that won’t be too much of a comedown?

6 thoughts on “TV Notes: Mare of Easttown

  1. Mare was awesome!
    Watch some contemporary British procedurals! I recommend:
    Unforgotten (Amazon Prime), really excellent.
    Broadchurch (Netflix) is soooo good.
    Scott and Bailey (Amazon Prime), also great.
    Doctor Forster (Netflix or Amazon Prime; not procedural, but you won’t regret it, esp if you like Suranne Jones)
    Wire in the Blood, but available only on Acorn TV

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  2. “anti-globalist manifesto with a brilliant cast”

    I was wondering whether to watch it… now I will.

    My recent watches will be of no particular use…

    Nancy Drew season 2 (precocious girl detective turned into a tiresome woke scold with a supporting casts of stereotype-busting… stereotypes) I watched this more as unintentional comedy with some supernatural entities along the way (who are generally far more interesting and sympathetic than the dreary pc human characters).

    Katla – Icelandic weirdness. A small village is mostly deserted because of an ongoing volcanic eruption. Then a few ash covered doppelgangers of people (living and dead) start emerging from the volcano. It’s actually a lot more nuanced and thoughtful than that description makes it sound. The theme of the show is working through trauma/regret/grief and it does a pretty good job of that.

    Most! – Czech comedy drama set in a city bordering Germany. Ludek is a dumb working class guy (who’s also in debt and generally kind of prejudiced and irresponsible). Things start changing when his long estranged gay brother returns home from Prague. It hits a lot of notes about prejudice (both sexual minorities and gypsies – a large minority in town) but doesn’t hit the viewer over the head.

    Sever – Another Czech series. An honest upright environmental inspector discovers a murder scene and ends up being convinced to become a police detective by a friend. Then he tries to do his job honestly which is not something anyone was expecting. The resolution is neither overly cynical nor overly idealistic.

    Monarca – just started this Mexican series (something like a more violent and serious version of La Casa de las Flores, down to the sister returning from the US to the brother with a gay lover and the under-appreciated workhorse sibling who keeps everything going). So far it’s steering between telenovela luxury and narco grit which is…. weird.


  3. What is anti-globalist about this show? I watched it and enjoyed it but never caught that angle.


    1. The show portrays people whose way of life is being destroyed by globalism. They are portrayed as extremely endearing. The only reason they find life tolerable is that they are buried deep in their small community, their religion, the things and people they have known forever.


  4. Two more I’ve seen recently that are worth a look:

    Djavolskoto garlo (the devi’s throat) Bulgarian serial murderer mystery (with creeping globalization and reckoning with the communist past in the background) far better than I’d expected.

    Losing Alice, Israeli meta-film drama that starts off with heavy “All about Eve” or “Single White Female” vibes and then goes in a very different direction. I could see this one being Americanized (and made a lot less interesting along the way).


  5. Thanks for the recs, Clarissa and cliff with ‘Losing Alice’. Will check out both of the series.

    Just read a movie rec (in Russian) of ‘The Company You Keep’ :

    A thriller centered on a former Weather Underground activist who goes on the run from a
    journalist who has discovered his identity.

    Понравился фильм “Компания которой вы верны” (2012)


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