Why We Can’t Have Good Literature

This kind of sniveling, pathetic mentality is why literature in English is dying:

This Sunny Singh is a college professor and an obscure writer of fiction. I came across the list because I saw a group of aspiring writers online share it eagerly like some important piece of wisdom. Of course, they are only motivated to follow these precepts by the fear of cancellation by a bunch of envious, angry Sunnys. It won’t work because subservience never mollifies rabid mobs. But the result is mountains of boring, terrified, indigestible writing.

6 thoughts on “Why We Can’t Have Good Literature

  1. “Should you write (…) this at all?”
    Wow. Just wow. The “publish” part I can kinda understand. This, on the other hand…

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    1. “Should you write (…) this at all?”

      This is the literary version of a trick play in football, particularly this one…. (play starts at 0:12)

      She’s trying to convince rivals the game has been cancelled so that her (probably deeply) unappealing prose can find an audience. All the time patting herself on the back for being so good and progressive.

      It’s also thinly disguised ethno-racial hostility but I assume everybody got that part.

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      1. Absolutely. I am part of a (very small, minoritary-language) literary scene. Every day that goes by it’s clearer to me that those wanting to cancel the classics of this particular literary scene do so with the hope that they will get replaced (at schools, universities, in the popular imaginary) with their own intersectional, insipid, insufferably moralistic books.

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  2. Yeah, pathetic garbage by some writer who has no idea how utterly insignificant to the universe whatever fictional tale he writes is. The vast majority of all fiction that gets published reaches a VERY small readership, and achieves nothing for good or evil except self-gratification to the author, a payment for the work, and hopefully the transient attention of some readers.

    If the story provokes a handful of rabid trolls, be grateful that your work actually moved some people emotionally.

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    1. These people are truly grandiose. They are incapable of telling a story worth a damn that would give enjoyment to anybody. But they are possessed with a sense of an all-important mission. Losers.


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