Could Have Been Worse

It’s because people can’t be assed to find out how meds actually work that these kind of headlines appear:

The Hill later changed the insane headline after getting massively mocked online.

12 thoughts on “Could Have Been Worse

    1. “how could it have been worse?

      Without looking at the story, the idea was probably “the course of the illness would have been longer and more traumatic for the patient and family” the difference between slipping out of consciousness and not reawakening or days and days of respiratory distress and the accompanying medical interventions….

      I have no idea if that’s what they meant but one of the ideas of the therapeutics is lesser symptoms and maybe that applies in cases that end in death as well….


    1. Considering that I have heard some religious people say that not taking the vaccine is against the 5th commandment, you probably got that right. At least in taking the vaccine, he has done his duty to protect others. This way, only he died. If he did not take the vaccine, he would infect bunch of other people and they would all die as well.


        1. Well, with all the boosters you will have to keep taking to be current with the vaccine schedule, and the fact that it is too late to take the vaccine when you are ill, I believe that a more apt comparison is Communion. The Last Rites is either the public acknowledgement that “it was all worth it” if you were vaccinated, or that “you were too stupid not to take the vaccine while you could” in case you are unvaccinated. It is never too late to convert no matter your vaccination status.

          All that being said, I do feel truly sorry for the man and his daughter. Dealing with a loss of a parent is very difficult and that stupid article is not helpful. Actually, I find it deeply disrespectful of this family. The man and his daughter did not deserve this.

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    1. Tragically, these poor people have been lied to and misled. And now they feel confused and lost in the midst of their grief. It’s immoral to the extreme to spread the belief that one can avoid a respiratory virus by “doing everything right.” It’s s virus. It has no moral compass.

      My heart bleeds for this poor woman.

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