A Costa Rican journal published an article of mine two weeks ago. Then today they emailed me to inform me that the article has been accepted for publication.

Yes, thank you, the fact that it has been published was a good indication that it was accepted.

This is nothing, though, compared to a medieval studies journal that once sent me a sternly worded email to inform me that they were rejecting my article. The only problem was that I had never submitted anything to them. I’m still mystified as to how they had learned of my existence. I’m not in medieval studies and never had any communication with those people. Back then, I was unknown in the field and was on no lists I can think of thanks to my complete obscurity.

One thought on “Miscommunication

  1. I told this to my dad and he just said “maybe they meant to send it to someone else with her name.”

    The probability would be very, very low, given how unique your name is. But maybe?


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