My husband wants me to cook mofongo. I looked it up, and woe be unto me, it looks and sounds disgusting.

I really really want to do this for him but I don’t know how to cook something that my brain doesn’t perceive as food. Has anybody cooked or eaten it? Is it completely hopeless?

5 thoughts on “Mofongo

  1. Have you ever eaten plantains? They are yummy, taste closer to potatoes than bananas. You have to buy ripe plantains, which means they have a lot (a lot!) of black on the skin. This dish, mofongo, is basically just mashed plantains. It will be yummy, I promise!

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  2. Ok, I just made the simplest version of mofongo. Fried plantains with salt and pepper (they were super ripe and flavorful, so I didn’t add anything else, though you can add garlic/garlic paste/lemon zest/fresh celery etc); mashed with my hand potato masher, and for added fun hand-rolled them into balls (this is optional). One could’ve added some broth to make it thinner, and/or used the food processor to make it less chunky. Even just the fried plantains were delicious (taste between banana and potato, with a kind of a chestnutty note); I was on the fence whether to mash them at all or just serve fried. Anyway, here are some pics. Hopefully they help in your mofongo adventures!

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