Even more than forced discussions of woke books, one thing that I hate at work is when we have to get together and “share our struggles.” We are supposed to sit there, for two endless hours, talking about how stressed out and miserable we are at work.

I’m not, though. I’m perfectly fine. I’m energized and enjoying myself. And if I weren’t fine, I’d find comfort in NOT slobbering over colleagues and moaning like a pathetic victim. If I’m unhappy, I have people in my life to go to for support. I don’t need to turn the workplace into a slobberfest.

Why don’t more people take pride in remaining professional in workplace settings?

5 thoughts on “Slobberfest

    1. I have noticed that at the end of every single group therapy meeting, there’s an announcement about some new austerity measure. “I feel your pain, dear friends! Oh, by the way, here’s another budget cut. The struggle is real! Let’s talk about it some more!”

      And people who just spent an hour baring their souls can’t regroup and protest fast enough.


    1. Get this: we have the largest freshman class since 2015. Everybody is happy! More students means more money, right? But guess what? It turns out that somehow having more students means we have less money. Gigantic budget cuts are imposed. People are laid off. The copy services get demolished. No position requests will be granted. We can’t even order textbooks.

      It’s like no matter what you do, there’ll be austerity. We bring in a record number of students – and that means the worst budget cuts so far. That COVID relief money, I don’t know where it went. Nobody has seen a dime of it. I couldn’t even get two packages of masks instead of one for my whole department.


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