Music to My Ears

I didn’t vote for the guy but I really respect this answer:

I don’t even care if he means it or not. This needs to be said, and said, and said some more. And yes, it was a year ago but today it’s very relevant.

Big props.

2 thoughts on “Music to My Ears

  1. “Don’t you bear some responsibility for the outcome if Nord Stream 2 gives Russia sufficient funds to resume its war on Ukraine after USA ignored its previous agreement to protect Ukraine? ”

    Biden: “No, I don’t… Zero responsibility. The responsibility I have is to protect America’s national self-interest. We must not ignore German desires or completely cut off ties with Russia”


    1. So how exactly is it in American national self-interest to destroy the country’s hard-won and recent energy independence, putting it at the mercy of hostile regimes and ending up with high-sky oil prices? Gasoline is the motor of the economy. Once the prices skyrocket, everything, every consumer good, becomes more expensive. Which is what we are seeing right now.

      I’d really love to hear the argument of how efforts to recreate the oil crisis of the 1970s is in the US national interests.


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