Parochial Wokeness

The woke books we are being forced to read are incredibly parochial. What they mean when they say “white people” are white, native-born Americans, which are a tiny percentage of the world’s white people. What they mean when they say “black people” are African Americans, which are a tiny percentage of the world’s black people.

I was reading this passage about how whites always smile and use polite expressions, thereby oppressing the non-whites. This makes zero sense if you meet white people from my part of the world. Smiley and polite we are definitely not. The text makes absolutely no sense unless you add “Americans” to every statement.

It always strikes me as funny that the diversity and inclusion crowd is so utterly oblivious to anything even a tiny bit different from their narrow and boring life experience.

8 thoughts on “Parochial Wokeness

  1. Response to “Parochial Wokeness”

    A lawyer friend says that the university is just desperately trying to protect itself from lawsuits. The court system apparently can be counted on to have biases similar to American culture at large, and being able to present evidence, if necessary, that they have proactively worked at providing a non-racist environment may help.


    1. This is just an excuse and a pretty silly one, at that. The goal is to humiliate and alienate the workers so that they never organize and present any demands.


  2. “always smile and use polite expressions, thereby oppressing the non-whites”

    What is the mechanism behind this?

    And what are you supposed to do, snarl and insult people?


    1. I’m not sure snarling and insults are enough. We probably need to carry a bullwhip and crack it at passers-by just to let them know they’re equal to us, in an affirmative, non-passive way.

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    2. “snarl and insult people?”

      Because if that’s the case you just have to imagine yourself as a store clerk back in Kharkiv… (or a bus driver, or a waiter, or some random person on the sidewalk….)


    3. There’s nothing you can do. You were born with an unwashable stain of evil. Anything you do just makes it worse. That’s why we need to celebrate that white people are disappearing in the US. Because the history of proclaiming people of a certain race evil and in need of going extinct has given such great results.


  3. LOL at polite white people, this is so true! This reminds me of a time I went to a small family-owned restaurant in an unspecified European country with my brother in law and his son. He ordered some food and asked for pickles to go with it. The owner became really upset – “Why are you asking me for pickles? They do not go with this food! Are you crazy? Here are some hot peppers instead!” Of course, my brother in law ended up happily eating (and paying for) whatever the owner served, no complaints…

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