Humorless Australia

I wonder if Taliban’s rules on sexual intercourse are more or less restrictive than this:

Of course, in a culture that has a sense of humor, this wouldn’t be possible.

7 thoughts on “Humorless Australia

    1. Monty Python is the least funny thing I’ve ever seen under the heading of comedy. I don’t believe anybody who isn’t a 5th-gen Anglo can get it. I once watched in a mixed group of Anglos and immigrants or children of immigrants. There was a deathly silence on the immigrant side.


      1. “I don’t believe anybody who isn’t a 5th-gen Anglo can get it”

        It had a niche but real audience in Poland (among people who did not necessarily know English) so it does translate to some extent.
        On the other hand, I was once watching in a mixed group (English speakers and Poles knowing English) and the laughter came at different times….
        One sketch in a restaurant had a waiter who ended up screaming at a customer in range – and the Poles were rolling on the floor, while there was maybe a chuckle or two from the English speakers who broke up at the punch line of the sketch (received by the Poles in stony silence).

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      2. They were really popular where I grew up and I’ve always found them really funny. It’s basically absurdist humor delivered very dryly, which I generally enjoy.

        OTOH, slapstick a la Jim Carey I don’t find funny at all. It’s a torture (for me) to watch.

        To each their own, I suppose.

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