People at the CVS must think my sister is the worst hypochondriac neurotic in history. She is fully vaccinated, under 40, in great shape, blooming with health, zero symptoms of anything, yet gets tested every couple of days.

She’s not a neurotic. She’s Canadian. Which is the same thing these days, so please disregard my post.

I swear, I always really loved Canada. Used to think Montreal and Toronto were the best cities in North America. I’m not a hater. I’m a betrayed, wounded lover.

5 thoughts on “Hypochondriac

  1. I’ve been to Toronto in 2001 and 2018. I thought it was nice in 2001. The amount of of homeless people in 2018 was scary. I’ve been to NYC a month ago and even now you will not see as many homeless people as back in 2108 in Toronto. The betrayal of Canadian people has started way before covid.

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    1. That’s true. The endless regulations, the trans insanity. It was going bad for a while. But they had a great government during the economic crisis of 2008-9. Saved their economy. So there was positive movement, too.


  2. I’m too woke for my shirt
    Too woke for my shirt
    So woke it hurts
    And I’m too woke for Milan
    Too woke for Milan
    New York, and Japan
    And I’m too woke for your USA
    Much, much, much too woke to stay
    CVS testers please set me free
    To return to the Great Woke Northee!
    (from coast to coast to coast)

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