So if prostitutes on OnlyFans are now banned from prostituting themselves on the platform, why would anybody go there? It’s like banning people on Instagram from posting photos. Or Pfizer banning sales of medication by its reps.

I thought OnlyFans was very profitable (not to the prostitutes but the owners). Why are they destroying their business model?

I honestly don’t get it.

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    1. To clarify: they’re probably not actually banning prostitution on the platform. They’ve just realized that a legal juggernaut is heading their way because they also haven’t got any real way to verify that all the prostitutes are 18 or older, and there are a helluva lot of underage girls prostituting themselves for pocket change on that site. They’re adding some verbiage to try to cover their asses, because pretending to ban prostitution while tacitly allowing it is a better option than losing the whole company and going to jail for pimping out fourteen year olds.


      1. “pimping out fourteen year olds”

        Did Bauman ever predict the enthusiastic mainstreaming of child prostitution? Because…. it really seems like it’s done knocking on the door and has that first foot past the threshhold….


  1. My understanding is that the platform’s founders think they will make more money by getting venture capital or by becoming publicly traded than by just continuing to run their business. For whatever reason, those money sources don’t want to be sullied by porn or prostitution.
    From Fox Business: “Venture capitalists and other investors would typically jump at a firm with OnlyFans’ financials — especially in a market where companies like Uber and Doordash command monster valuations despite losing hundreds of millions of dollars each year. But most investment firms shy away from investing in “vice” industries like porn, alcohol and firearms, leaving companies like OnlyFans with few options.”


  2. cliff, since you live in Poland, is anything going on there lately?

    It started with a law that Israel claimed hurt Polish Jews who lost their property in WW2 (after reading the article below I understood the Polish rationale), but now proceeded to (the entire article is worth reading – short and informative):

    // Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński on Monday said that the country would reexamine educational trips by Israeli youth for allegedly spreading hatred of Poland as the diplomatic feud over the passing of a Holocaust restitution law continues.

    “Educational trips from Israel to Poland do not take place in a proper manner [and are conducted] in a way that hatred of Poland sometimes seeps into the minds of young people. We will examine the issue in depth because it is clear that the way these tours take place is not the right way,” Jabłoński said.

    He accused Israel of fostering “anti-Polonism,” or prejudice against Poles as an ethnic group and the state of Poland and its culture, according to Polish media.

    Polish President Andrzej Duda on Saturday signed into law a bill passed by Poland’s parliament earlier in the week that severely restricts the ability of Jews to recover property seized by Nazi German occupiers and retained by post-war communist rulers, despite strong opposition from Israel and the United States.


  3. Regarding trips promoting “anti-Polonism,” I can agree to a certain extent, but mainly for different reasons from implied by Polish politicians.

    Never went to those trips but my mother went once as a teacher with a group of religious male teens. One of the standing out moments of the trip was seeing names of our extended family who were murdered in Auschwitz. Another moment was walking on a street, stopping to hear an explanation near one building and being greated by a Polish man with a gas … (don’t know how to call it but it is a metal thing that lets transport gas inside it) running out of the building to shout at them. The gas thing in his hand was on purpose, yes. My mother who grew up in FSU told she was ~ amused to see faces of young Jews who experienced antisemitism for the first time in their lives. Being born in Israel they had no opportunity to see it except in history books.

    Such interactions with Polish people may not be as rare as one would wish. One of commenters to the linked article shares a similar feeling:

    “If the Poles think that the Israeli kids who come for the March of the Living are “hateful”, they should look at their own behavior towards those kids.
    I was an escorting parent for both my kids on their trips to Poland and sometimes in the evening, at a cafe or on the street, the hate was almost thick enough to cut with a knife, and the worst of it came from the young, not the older people.”


  4. They’re getting a wedgie from their credit card processors.

    Some banks have done this as well.

    JP Morgan Chase did this to a few friends of mine whose work also includes types of provocations.

    I don’t really know what to make of being told that they’re too sexy for these banks.

    “… and we’re too sexy for your accounts
    no way we want your deposits!”

    And yet JP Morgan Chase’s logo is blue. 🙂


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