Successful Withdrawal

Every effort is being made to organize a wave of migration similar to the one that hit Europe when Obama destroyed Syria.

In Europe, Afghan men have been committing a disproportionate number of rapes among migrants of the Obama-Merkel wave, which means that they need to be dragged here as fast as possible to repair the imbalance. There’s no land route, so that problem is being obviated through the propaganda we are seeing everywhere.

It’s really funny how the same people and media who describe the horrors that Afghan men will do to Afghan women the second Americans stop holding guns to their heads are insisting, in the same breath, that it’s urgently necessary to bring a quarter million of those same Afghan men over here. And just to make completely certain the ploy works, defund the police and make sure female-only spaces are illegal, so there’s nowhere to hide.

And then people say that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is a failure. It’s a failure for you, buddy. But Biden is doing exactly what he was elected to do, and he’s doing it very effectively.

If I’m trying to open a safe and I take you by the feet, smash your head on the lock to crack it, grab the money, and stroll away while you are bleeding on the floor, it wouldn’t make sense to conclude that I failed. You failed. Failed to protect yourself. Failed to stand up to abuse. But I didn’t fail. I got exactly what I wanted.

The only way Biden and Co “failed” is if their goal was to do something good for you. That’s clearly a ludicrous idea. There’s a colossal transfer of capital on the way. This is only a small part of what’s being done to facilitate it.

44 thoughts on “Successful Withdrawal

  1. I predict a new immigration wave to EU, not to America. The latter is too distant and too ready to jilt any former helpers. (*)

    Also, this may sound naive but I thought America would evacuate families whose male members helped US, not their men alone. Those people are supposedly from the small group of relatively Westernized Afghans, not everybody and their uncle who came to EU. Am I wrong?

    (*) Once again making me laugh at people claiming America would help Israel in any case of bad repercussions from making dangerous (for me) concessions to Palestinian demands.


    1. We are now busily solving the problem of distance, so not to worry. It will all be done. Even if we evacuated only women (which nobody is planning to do), there’s family reunification policy. They will bring every uncle, real or imaginary over here in no time.

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  2. // In Europe, Afghan men have been committing a disproportionate number of rapes among migrants of the Obama-Merkel wave

    Wonder whether anyone in EU drew attention to this fact when I saw only discussions blaming Syrians.

    May be, there were good articles in German and other European languages, but it took a long time to find 1 good article in English (the one I recently linked to).


    1. I just read two terrible stories last week. Both Afghan men. People think that everybody from “over there” is the same but Central Asia Western Asia or Middle East are very different. Different cultures, different people.


          1. People have a huge logical disconnect where they describe the horrors awaiting women in Afghanistan and then suggest bringing these men here. It’s identical to the argument that women who suffer from wife beatings in Central America should be granted asylum. So they can bring their wife-beaters here and get beaten in a different landscape, I assume.

            They clap their eyes at you and sincerely don’t get it.


  3. Do you like to listen to YouTube podcasts sometimes? I found 2 great programs, so listen to them while solving math 🙂

    The first YouTube channel is Юлия Латынина who has quite a few great videos.

    Currently I am listening to a BLM story before BLM was invented – the story of Sacco and Vanzetti, who were put on trial and executed in 1927 in America for murder, yet because of Western and FSU propaganda were lionized as politically persecuted innocents / heroes. I am only 15 minutes into 1:06 video, yet the story already has everything: rioters in Paris and other countries attacking American (not only) places, including looting from shops under the pretext of political protest by those rioters, FSU propaganda, and – the cherry on top of the cake – a Left wing intellectual writing ‘a documentary novel’ lionizing the two murderers out of fear of being cancelled by others on the Left if he tells truth. Actually, Upton Sinclair wrote “Boston: a documentary novel” since he was afraid of getting murdered, as was discovered in one of his letters.

    Another great historic video of hers was about “about how the Taliban won in Europe in one single city of Munster in 1534” (It is about “the Anabaptist rebellion during the Protestant Reformation” in this German town.)

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    1. Re the story of Sacco and Vanzetti, another eerie element of the case was being an illegal ideological extremist (Italian anarchist) who refused to be deported under the excuse of his wife’s illness.


      1. // Listening is not my thing. I have no idea how people do it. I get distracted in seconds and just tune it all out.

        Didn’t you say you listened to TV programs while working? Or while driving a car? I do not, of course, offer you to just sit and listen while doing nothing.

        Латынина is not only a good storyteller but also attracts with her sense of humor.

        Am listening to the story of Sacco and Vanzetti and it becomes funnier yet bloodier with every minute.


      1. // I have a feeling Latynina is reading Ann Coulter.


        I hope not since I thought she was better than falling for Right wing propaganda in her desire to escape the Left wing one.

        Regarding the Anabaptist rebellion, Latynina took it from “The Pursuit of the Millennium: Revolutionary Millenarians and Mystical Anarchists of the Middle Ages” by Norman Cohn.

        Cohn “(12 January 1915 – 31 July 2007) was a British academic, historian and writer who spent 14 years as a professorial fellow and as Astor-Wolfson Professor at the University of Sussex.” (wiki)

        So I assumed she thoroughly researched the story of 2 anarchists too.

        I hoped she would mention the source of information about Sacco and Vanzetti, yet she didn’t.

        Margaret W., I cannot answer this question, but think Latynina used many English/American sources.

        Cohn wrote another book which may be interesting to some readers here:

        “Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come”

        All over the world people look forward to a perfect future, when the forces of good will be finally victorious
        over the forces of evil. Once this was a radically new way of imagining the destiny of the world and of mankind. How did it originate, and what kind of world-view preceded it? In this engrossing book, the author of the classic work The Pursuit of the Millennium takes us on a journey of exploration, through the world-views of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India, through the innovations of Iranian and Jewish prophets and sages, to the earliest Christian imaginings of heaven on earth.


        1. Coulter thoroughly researches her books, too. They all have a bibliography from here to the moon. She’s also great at changing her mind, which I always appreciate. He was one of the first and most passionate Trump supporters. When he didn’t deliver, she didn’t feel the need to persist in a mistaken opinion and turned against him.


          1. She is associated in my mind with the worst propaganda. Would you advise to read her books?

            Wanted to ask whether you’ve discovered somebody new worth sharing in your research. Formerly, you shared new names often, both of academics and of good new authors.


            1. Oh, I thought that, too! I didn’t even watch the two episodes of Law & Order featuring a character based on her. But then I finally forced myself to read her and she’s so funny, such a good writer. Go to the website and read some of the columns: They are uproariously funny and irreverent. People simply don’t have a sense of humor.

              I’ll go back to posting about books soon. I’ve been a little overwhelmed with guests, COVID, Klara starting school, and the beginning of the academic year, but it’ll go back to normal soon.


  4. The second YouTube channel is a project Больше всех надо: what is wrong in Russia and how make things better.

    This is a real quality TV program which should be on prime TV instead of the rubbish they put on 1st channel. The two ведущие invite professors, professionals, volunteers, etc and discuss intelligently many difficult topics. (But not Ukraine directly since it would lead to their imprisonment and be the end of their project).

    I don’t watch all their programs, but many are interesting. For instance, I loved and recommend to try to listen to

    Как трудное прошлое мешает нашему будущему. Николай Эппле и Григорий Юдин

    Their YouTube channel has the descriptions of all their past programs, so you may look in case you like another topic better.

    May be, N would be interested too.


  5. “Afghan men have been committing a disproportionate number of rapes among migrants of the Obama-Merkel wave”

    Mainstream media in Europe is very reluctant to report on these cases (and usually full of excuses and strong admonitions that no one should draw any conclusions about the value of Afghan men to Europe…)

    So I assume mainstream media in the US will keep this as low profile as possible (like out of control gang killings of children in Chicago).

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  6. Have to share this last bit: turns out Sacco and Vanzetti are still being defended as innocents in today’s American academic articles.

    The Journal of American History (Vol. 93, No. 4, Mar., 2007) published:

    The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti: A Global History (pp. 1085-1115)
    Lisa McGirr

    Латынина translated the title as “Мученичество Sacco and Vanzetti” and said it mentions witnesses’ changing accounts as being in the criminals’ favor despite it being known that witnesses were tempered with, bribed and threatened. Do not have academic access, so cannot read the entire article myself.

    The story also includes international terrorism and propaganda ignoring facts it cannot disprove and instead using ideological and nationalistic slogans.


  7. This is a ridiculously high number, especially considering the already existing “refuge” crisis at the southern border. My hope is that only a small fraction of that will be allowed in, and those will be mostly educated middle class Afghanis.

    Where are you reading about Afghan men committing crimes in Europe? I had the sense it was mostly Syrians.


    1. “I had the sense it was mostly Syrians”

      That’s what you get for believing mainstream media… If you’ve followed migration to Europe for a number of years (like I have) you would know….

      first – most of the 2015 weren’t Syrian (this was not generally reported but it wasn’t completely suppressed either so those paying attention know. I remember one story in Hungary (before Merkel opened the gate) and a real Syrian estimated that less than 1 in 6 of the people in the crowds were speaking Syrian Arabic (Arabic in different countries is very distinct and for native speakers it’s not hard to hear where someone is from).

      second – country of origin matters, there are very different social and economic results by migrants from different places (The Dutch put out a report on this a few months ago). Americans hate to hear it (blasphemy?) but group differences exist.

      third – Syrians were among the better behaved (more social and educational capital) than most other groups, Afghans about the worst in terms of failing to adapt to European realities (actively rejecting them), falling into crime and/or welfare dependence and/or sexual assaults (Somalis are about as bad but that’s a different topic).

      fourth – Turkey had been facilitating Muslim migration to Europe (visa free travel, cheap flights to Istanbul, transport to the borders) for years, between 5 and 10 years. Merkel throwing open the gate just increased an existing flow for a while.

      five – organized crime networks in Italy entered the human trafficking business years ago and it’s now one of their biggest earner those well-intentioned(?) NGO rescue boats in the mediterranean are actively helping the mafia.

      There’s more, but mainstream coverage was worse than useless, it was actively engaged in mass disinformation.


      1. We brought a lot of Viets to the US after the fall of Saigon (former SVA and their families, boat people…), and overall they seem to have been a net benefit to the US.

        Yes, country of origin matters. A lot.


        1. Except for the Hmong and their history of gang rapes, child prostitution, and gangs. Menace of Destruction, the largest Hmong gang in the US, is very lethal.

          The Hmong were brought here on the exactly the same pretext as we are hearing today.


          1. IINM the Hmong in the US are almost all from Laos, a very different culture from Vietnam and the Hmong have their own culture, which causes them trouble in SE Asia too.

            Cultural area, specific country and specific culture are all crucial….

            It was only a few years ago I discovered that “Turks” in Germany are actually two groups (ethnic Turks and Turkish Kurds) that tend to not have much to do with each other. And organized crime and the like are almost always from the Kurds (Kurds from Iraq are, again, a totally different story).


            1. Exactly but they were brought in under the pretext of the Vietnam war and then nobody cared to notice the difference. Just like in Europe, many of the “Syrians” weren’t remotely Syrian.

              Our anti-racist overlords clearly think that “all brown people are the same.”


          2. True, some Hmong are technically Viet, but even VN treats all the “mountain people” (several groups) as a completely different race/culture. It’s like Indians in the US. I was, of course, thinking of the Kinh immigrants from VN, who have done very well.


      2. This is good to know. But in general it’s interesting that you mention that Syrians are better behaved and to a certain extend I haven’t heart bad things about them in Germany. Maybe Germany is doing a good job integrating them?


        1. // Syrians … I haven’t heart bad things about them in Germany. Maybe Germany is doing a good job integrating them?

          While it’s doing a bad job of integrating Afghans?

          Barring extreme abuse, hatred and discrimination, it’s vastly more impotant what people bring with them than what the receiving country is (not) doing.

          It’s the same in child education. The final result depends on the child much more than on the teacher.


    2. // Where are you reading about Afghan men committing crimes in Europe? I had the sense it was mostly Syrians.

      I thought it was mostly illegal migrants from various Miidle-Eastern and African countries committing crimes equally till reading this:

      I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling.
      Afghans stand out among the refugees committing crimes in Austria and elsewhere. Why?

      According to Austrian police statistics, Syrian refugees cause fewer than 10 percent of sexual assault cases. Afghans, whose numbers are comparable, are responsible for a stunning half of all cases.

      But we are still left with a mystery. Welfare fraud is one thing: it makes a certain kind of sense, if you have no regard for rule of law or fairness and you are lazy. But why is this current cohort of Afghans making its mark as sexual predators . . . and inept, stupid ones at that? In search of an answer, perhaps we should take a closer look at the victims. We have eliminated improper attire and an unwittingly seductive manner, but might they have any other traits in common to shed light on why they became the targets of such madness? Reviewing them, one word comes to mind: fulfillment. A Turkish exchange student, happy to be advancing her education in industrial design at a good university in Vienna. A girl in a park, enjoying the sunshine. Two friends, taking their babies for a walk. A mother, enjoying a summer stroll with her two children. A contented old lady, out with her pet. Attractive, accomplished, happy, normal people . . . an unbearable sight, perhaps, to—and here I must agree with President Trump—losers. That is what he proposed we should call terrorists, and he is right. These young men, even minus a suicide vest, are losers, which has inspired them to become social terrorists.


  8. I’m also very doubtful the Taliban are about to kill 250k of their own people because they spoke to an American. I think the threat here is being vastly exaggerated.


    1. “I think the threat here is being vastly exaggerated”

      Once you realize that the next obvious question is…. why? Why are they spreading this obviously untrue information?
      An answer that fits the data: They want to bring as many Afghans to the US as possible.


      1. In the next few decades there is going to be a population crash of native people in many advanced countries. I imagine they want to bring these younger people to take care of the old? I already read an article about Canada wanting to use the Afghans to take care of their elderly. It’s a job no native really wants, pays very little, it’s hard to automate, and doesn’t require many skills to perform.


        1. // I imagine they want to bring these younger people to take care of the old? I already read an article about Canada wanting to use the Afghans to take care of their elderly.

          If they want that, a much better and more realistic idea would be work visas. Israel does exactly that without offering any non-Jews to immigrate to our country. This excerpt even compares between Israel and Canada:

          // Israel May Have the World’s Highest Rate of Foreign Health Aides – and It’s a Luxury, Not a Need.

          Unfettered migration of foreign health care workers has lead to a type of inflation that pushes Israelis out of the industry while acutely harming the foreign workers’ rights

          Some 41 percent of Israel’s elderly received a permit to hire a foreign worker, according to research carried out by Yossi Avraham and Yossi Tamir in 2012. In comparison, only 9 percent of elderly Canadians received a permit to hire a foreign home health aide during that period. Since 1996, the year Israel opened its doors to home health workers from the Philippines, their number has shot up from 8,000 to 57,000. In terms of percentage, this figure has increased much more than the number of elderly who need nursing care. Research conducted by Prof. Zvi Eckstein for the Israel Democracy Institute in 2010 estimates that by 2025, there would be more than 100,000 foreign health aides legally employed in Israel. This works out to one foreign home health aide for every five Israeli elderly people, a rate not seen anywhere else in the world.


        2. “Canada wanting to use the Afghans to take care of their elderly”

          a spectacularly stupid idea… even by the high standards of the Trudeau government…
          Young muslim men taking care of people (woman’s work!). Helping them preapre back bacon?! Pouring them a Moulson?
          I’ve never heard of muslim migrants involved in elder care in Germany (lots of eastern europeans and some filipinas).
          Believing muslims have so many restrictions on contacts with non-muslims that that idea is simply a non-starter.
          Latin America would be a much better bet…


      2. My brother, who did a tour in Afghanistan, tells me that the Afghan guys who worked on the base, whom they were training to maintain the trucks and equipment in anticipation of the US’s eventual withdrawal, and who were relying on that US paycheck to support their families… were the same guys periodically shooting RPGs at the base from the surrounding hills. The reason for this, is that once they were seen to be getting too friendly with the Americans, they had to go prove their loyalty to the taliban types in order to protect their families. So Afghan Steve would get off work at the base, go home, Bob the taliban would come by with the RPGs and suggest that Steve’s wife and kids were very attractive, and Steve would dutifully go up the hill next to the camp, fire a couple in the general camp direction, and then boogie out of there. In the year my brother was stationed there, only one of the darn things actually A) hit inside the base, and B) exploded. They never pulled the pins on the grenades. Steve didn’t want to kill any of his coworkers and bring down US military vengeance on his village and lose his job. He just had to prove his loyalty.

        So all in all… most of those guys are probably going to be OK. They fired their quota of explosives at the same US bases they worked on. And now they know how to operate the abandoned equipment.

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  9. Clarissa, you predicted Afgans would reach USA, but it’s still Europe. Look:

    // Since the United States accelerated its withdrawal from Afghanistan, some 30,000 Afghans have been leaving the country every week. The escapees follow a well-trod path that takes them through the treacherous mountains of northwest Iran into Turkey, where about 300,000 have already settled; from there, many will try to reach Europe. Indeed, Afghans have already edged out Syrians “as the largest group of new migrants arriving” in Europe, per the Times.

    Btw, while the author of this piece claims to be against “the cause of ever-more-open borders, a permanent agenda item for the West’s liberal internationalist ruling classes, regardless of events in the region” and even defends Turkish security forces which “apprehended an Afghan husband, his sick wife and wailing children,” he defeats his cause with “Are the people the Times discusses refugees or mere economic migrants?”

    There is no line between the two when we look at failed states like Afghanistan, numerous Middle-Eastern and African countries, including theocratic Iran or Saudi Arabia.


  10. “… smash your head on the lock to crack it …”

    You should also have a few smashing words with your lock salesman. 🙂

    BTW, not sure what’s going on with your WordPress doing smashing stuff to comments, but it’s about 50/50 these days whether something appears or not.

    I know I’m a professional crackpot whose crackpot theories and designation as a domestic intellectual terrorist may make some people hesitant to have my comments appear, but this is obviously a tin hat party being held inside the WordPress engine so that the WordPress plugins can communicate with alien LSD elves. 🙂


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