My Bullying Story

I was once bullied at school for being Jewish. (I’m ethnically Jewish on my father’s side). The girls who bullied me left me notes saying, “go back to Jerusalem, dirty Jew.” Hilariously, they were ethnically Jewish* on both sides and they didn’t find anything better to insult me with than our shared ethnicity.

Since we were all girls, they didn’t try to physically harm me in any way. There was a lot of snitching, name-calling, and that sort of thing. I found it all quite funny and still do. I’m FB friends with one of them today, and she’s really great.

Men’s experience of school bullying is in a different order of magnitude.

* Practicing Judaism was impossible in the USSR.

3 thoughts on “My Bullying Story

  1. I was bullied by a black girl in grade school and was quite miserable. I went to a private Christian school, so obviously this doesn’t solve every social ill. She literally made my life a living hell by calling me names, getting everyone else to call shun me, and by tormenting and torturing the boys in the class. She used to kick them in the groin for fun and watch them cry. She was MEAN. I find it interesting now that I never thought, “I hate black people” because of her. I just hated her. I think it’s so strange how we are cultivating racism in our current age. It’s all so unnecessary. I forgive her now, of course. But I remember the misery she inflicted and the dread I experienced every day going to school and knowing she was there to torment me.

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  2. I was bullied by a group of people in high school, and resolved it by fronting up to the lead bully’s house and asking if he wanted to fight. That kind of thing never stopped lifelong, since it is the lot of many individually oriented people in a world filled with those who congregate in packs.

    The effect changed the way I deal with threats and pain to the extent that a handful of years ago when I learned that men had been set to hurt or kill me, it didn’t bother me very much beyond noting who set the men to do it, and who else knew beforehand.

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  3. It’s not true of all girls, though. My older sister got knocked down and had her face rubbed in the dirt by girls from her school. Happened off school property, so of course admin wouldn’t do anything. That is how I ended up spending most of my school years in private schools.


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