Texas Abortion Ban

I truly despair of the human race when I see people of all political beliefs reacting like trained poodles to the ridiculous dud known as Texas abortion ban. This is a distraction tactic, folks. You are being had. That ban has no enforcement mechanism. A private individual can sue a provider if they can prove there was a pregnancy, that it didn’t end in miscarriage, that the provider actually provided something that the woman actually took, and that it actually had an abortive effect. The only person who has a chance of suing here is the actual woman who aborted, and even then, any civil attorney with two days of working experience can defend this case.

There are no criminal penalties for anybody and none of any kind to the aborting woman. A woman can get her scrip and the two pills mailed to her from anywhere on the planet. Just like everybody who wanted an abortion did during the pandemic. Cancer patients couldn’t get treatment. But nobody failed to get abortions if they wanted. You know why? Telemedicine.

There was a long-term decline in the number of abortions in the US that was interrupted in 2017 and reversed in 2018. Every study under the sun attributed this to telemedicine. And what happened to telemedicine in 2020? Exactly. So let’s stop being mega-dupes and start paying attention to things that do matter.


7 thoughts on “Texas Abortion Ban

  1. The performative mewling from the pro-choice crowd is especially funny to me. They are desperate to believe they live in the Handmaid’s Tale. I find the pro-life side’s desire to grasp onto even the smallest of victories more sympathetic.

    I’ll be curious to see what the long term implications of the Supreme Court decision are. I don’t really understand what’s going on. But the Texas law itself doesn’t seem particularly amazing to me.


    1. “Desperate to believe they live in the Handmaid’s Tale”

      The only conclusion I can come to, watching all the public red-robe performances is… they are secretly desperate to be sexually dominated. I feel kind of embarrassed for them.

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  2. Many of my colleagues — who I didn’t hear a peep from when schools were closed and children were force-masked in schools — are now “speaking up” on social media on how the Texas law bothers them because the decision should be between a woman and a doctor. It is doubly ironic that these same colleagues are now huge proponents of vaccine passports. Honestly, I am SO disappointed in academics in the US.

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    1. The word “bounties” in connection to the story is especially dumb. Haven’t people had enough with the fake “Russian bounties on US soldiers” story? This is all a hoax. A virtue signal for corrupt politicians on both sides.


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