Preventative Measures

The reason behind lockdowns and COVID tracking apps is to prevent massive uprisings when the next stage of capital transfer arrives. Remember, the majority of the population is to be lumpenized. The lumpen tend to be desperate, violent, and angry. So they need to be locked down preventatively. Locked down, terrorized, suspicious and fearful of each other so that they don’t organize.

Remember the anti-austerity protests after the global economic crisis of 2008-9? The engineers of austerity were paying attention. Global warming, COVID, racism – these are the tools they are using to make sure we can’t resist. Forced medicalization will keep people dumb and peaceful, locked in their fogged brains and chained to their screens. Depriving people of physical movement and feeding them garbage will make them fat and incapable of physical resistance.

5 thoughts on “Preventative Measures

  1. “when the next stage of capital transfer arrives. Remember, the majority of the population is to be lumpenized”

    Social science theories of all kinds have a truly dismal record in predicting the future.

    Your position echoes that of Marx and Engels in The Communist Manifesto where they argue that the laws of capitalist production will inevitably produce a worldwide communist revolution based on the deep social contradiction between an ever-growing proletariat and an ever-shrinking bourgeoisie.

    A cautionary note – Marx had more than a few truly brilliant insights into his era’s past and present but proved quite clueless about what lay ahead.

    And then, don’t forget all those celebrated, “learned” social science folks who not so long ago assured us that humankind had reached “the end of history” and that liberal democracy would become the final form of government for all states. Right, sure, whatever…


    1. “Social science theories of all kinds have a truly dismal record in predicting the future”

      And then there’s Peter Turchin who predicted a sudden and massive ramping up of domestic unrest in 2020 4 or 5 years ahead of the fact.

      Which is less relevant than this is not social scientists ‘predicting’ it’s reading and understanding what the elites have planned and say openly and repeatedly. That doesn’t mean they’ll succeed but they’re pretty open about the agenda (if you really pay attention and assume they’re telling the truth). Again, I think they’ll fail, but they’ll do massive damage in the effort.

      Also, national leaders are already pointing to covid lockdowns as being relevant to ‘climate change’, which will not and cannot (mathematically impossible) be reversed by changing consumer habits – only technology (being shut down) has a chance of that.


      1. That doesn’t mean they’ll succeed…but they’ll do massive damage in the effort.”

        But Mousie, thou art no thy-lane,
        In proving foresight may be vain:
        The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
        Gang aft agley,
        An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
        For promis’d joy!

        (Robert Burns, 1785)


  2. What do you mean “Remember, the majority of the population is to be lumpenized.”? It’s already happened.

    At the beginning of the pandemic, the treasuries of the world were raided by the politicians in charge of them so that trillions could be given to multinational companies that by rights should have shut down just like any other business suffering unforeseen events.

    At the same time, nations ordered their populations to stop working and then “gifted” people money borrowed at interest from privately owned central banks so that the money could be spent in whatever businesses were practically arbitrarily deemed to be “essential”.

    People might not in this moment realise that they have been lumpenized, but since they have been double dispossessed by having their money given away plus been left to pay back a second pile of cash (plus interest), it is indisputable that, according to the definition of the word, it has happened already.

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