It Doesn’t Work

A pre-print of a study out of Israel once again confirms what anybody not completely blind has known for months:

Here’s the whole thing.

We spent the first year of the pandemic repeating the words “rapidly mutating virus” and then the second year repeating “vaccine.” That the two might not be able to coexist never occurred to anybody.

Mark my words, it will eventually be acknowledged that effectiveness vanishes by 4 months. But that’s excellent news for Pfizer because then it can rip you off more often by selling boosters more often. And neurotics will line up to get it.

5 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Work

    1. The goal is to turn every one of us into a person who can’t exist without a constant intake of medication. The idea is that we aren’t good enough, satisfactory, acceptable without constant tinkering. We weren’t created in the image of the perfect God, after all, but are an accident of creation that just isn’t good enough the way it is.

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