The Way Out of the New Normal

I understand why people want to believe in these vaccines. You want to think there’s something you can do that will give you your normal life back. Something easy and momentaneous, like a shot.

But the problem is it wasn’t COVID that locked us up and took our normalcy away. It was done for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with illness. It was done for political and economic reasons.

This means that the only path back towards normal life will be political and economic, not medical. You can treat COVID medically. But you can’t treat lockdowns, masks, and all the rest of it medically. There’s no vaccine from lockdowns.

The “new normal” is extremely profitable and convenient for the people who have the power to keep the restrictions and intensify them at will. Even if there were a vaccine or a treatment that was 100% effective, that would only lead to more restrictions.

5 thoughts on “The Way Out of the New Normal

  1. Notice that only the people who can afford covid hysteria are hysteric. These are office drones, the professors, the teachers who benefit from it by having the convenience of working from their homes. I don’t believe that the hysteria is real. It’s just awful people being selfish. People who do physical labour and are forced to wear masks all day or small business owners losing income will not cry how scared are they are of the virus.


  2. Here’s another view — an MD, MPH, tenured faculty at good medical school, who like me says just vaccinate and go. It’s interesting because he’s not for all the masks and testing of people without symptoms. He thinks people who are going into hysteria and want to be masked forever, etc., are serving the hysteria, not the cause of health.


    1. What if people don’t want to “just vaccinate”? What if they already had it and have natural immunity? What if they are young and at no risk? What if it’s counter indicated medically? What if they have a religious or intellectual objection?

      And why vaccinate at all if it only works for 3 months at the cost of debilitating symptoms in people under 40?

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      1. …big picture policy questions. The analogy isn’t right but I, personally, don’t need a driver’s license because I, personally, know how to drive and will obey the laws, I know it, I assure you.


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