Funny in Israel

Are they trying to be funny on purpose?

24 thoughts on “Funny in Israel

  1. If you are interested, there is an excellent interview with Prof. Shmuel Shapira:

    // ‘Israel missed opportunity to develop and produce COVID vaccine’
    In exclusive interview with Ynet, Prof. Shmuel Shapira who headed Institute for Biological Research, says government bureaucrats, failed leadership and lack of faith foiled Israel’s chances to manufacture domestic vaccine, said to be best on market

    As for the third Pfizer booster shot, I have to take it till 1st October. Otherwise:

    “Unvaccinated Israeli teachers will be required to be tested for the coronavirus once or twice a week in order to enter a classroom, Health Ministry Director-General Nachman Ash said.”

    This requires going to a specific place and probably waiting in a line to get tested with the possibility of getting infected there.

    Besides, there already are cases of covid infection which make ~ 1/3 of students in certain grades stay at home. After family gatherings during numerous religious September holidays (Rosh-HaShana is only the first), the number of cases will go up, and I do not want to become ‘a case’ and infect my not young mother.


      1. // Why doesn’t your mother get vaccinated if she’s in a high-risk group due to age?

        She has received 3 vaccinations. However, the vaccines may lessen the risk of infection, but I doubt they will prevent infection if 2 people live in the same house. So I do not want to bring high virus load to her.

        I read that vaccinated people shed less virus and for shorter time if they get infected.

        Since I work with hundreds of people and take public transportation, lessening the chance of infection seems valuable.


        1. This is very confusing. You need to get vaccinated to prevent her from getting infected because her vaccination doesn’t prevent her from getting infected.

          I’m not criticizing. Let everybody do what they will, is my position. But people keep comparing this to childhood vaccines, and I’ve got to say, nobody ever suggested that I should get vaccinated for chicken pox to avoid infecting Klara who’s gotten vaccinated for chicken pox.


  2. I’m just done right now. I have so much inflammation in my dominant arm that my hand is numb, and when it isn’t numb I have severe joint pain and weakness. My costochondritis (that I’ve had for nearly a year post-covid) is getting worse every day, and I have constant nausea—also getting worse. Gut issues from covid—which had finally, finally normalized—have come back with a vengeance. All from the damn first dose of vaccine four days ago.

    Bad enough I now have to sacrifice my holiday pay. Now they’re saying I shouldn’t have gotten it? After saying I needed to get it or I’d be fired?

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      1. Interestingly, several doctors have seen success in treating those with “Long Covid” using Ivermectin (the same drug that seems to be possibly helping keep people from getting really severe illness when begun early, but is being vilified as “horse dewormer” because people desperate to get it are using the livestock version you can get over the counter). One doctor says over 80% of his patients had complete relief from all long Covid symptoms in under a week.


        1. Regarding drugs to treat severe covid, there is progress. However, please do not use the livestock version of Ivermectin. 10 covid vaccines seem much safer to me. Look:

          “A rural Oklahoma doctor said patients who are taking the horse de-wormer medication, ivermectin, to fight COVID-19 are causing emergency room and ambulance back ups.

          “Some people taking inappropriate doses have actually put themselves in worse conditions than if they’d caught COVID,” said the doctor.

          Dr. McElyea said the patients are suffering from nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and cramping, and that’s only in minor cases.

          “The scariest one that I’ve heard of and seen is people coming in with vision loss,” he said.”

          There are good news too:

          “Israel mulls expanding use of life-saving COVID-19 treatment…

          Regeneron is a cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies designed to prevent at-risk COVID-19 patients in mild condition from developing severe illness that may end in hospitalization and even death.”


          “Israel’s Covid drug EXO-CD24, subjected to Phase II trials in Athens, allowed 29 out of 30 moderate to severe patients to recover in up to 5 days. The Phase II trial confirmed the results of Phase I, conducted in Israel last winter.”


          1. El, this ivermectin article is a hoax. The hospital in question published a statement that it’s a complete lie. There isn’t a single patient with an Ivermectin overdose at that hospital. Not a single patient has been turned away from the emergency. That doctor hasn’t worked at that hospital for a long time. The photo in the article is of people lining up for the vaccine. It’s all a complete fabrication.

            The story was created by Rolling Stone, the same magazine that published the frat rape hoax. This is all pure fantasy.

            As for Regeneron, unlike Ivermectin and HCQ it’s extremely expensive. I wonder why a very pricey drug is being promoted while a very cheap alternative has these hoaxes published about it.


            1. I also ask you to think, if this is such a blatant, open lie, what else might be untrue? This story went viral. It’s everywhere on TV. Rolling Stone published a correction but the story is still quoted everywhere. What else is untrue?

              This is how my journey away from the left started. I saw an obvious lie and wondered, what else is untrue? Then it turned out that almost everything I heard on the left was a blatant lie.

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          2. As has been mentioned, this Ivermectin article has been thoroughly debunked. As a long-time animal owner, I will at least insert into this (more thoughtful than 99% of the Internet most of the time) space that the vast majority of medications we use for pets are the exact same medications used for humans, simply at other doses. Obviously you wouldn’t use the same dose for a 120-lb woman that you’d use for a 2500 lb horse, but every medication – human and animal, over the counter and prescription – includes a dosage measurement that can be used by anyone with a brain. Honestly, I hate that I even have to defend this, but the fact is that despite some pretty compelling evidence that this “made for human beings drug with a safety record that is better than Tylenol” when used with several other over the counter and/or prescription medications to treat the pathology of Covid within the first few days of diagnosis is an excellent way to stop the progression of Covid from becoming severe or killing people. And instead of cheering that they have another option that can help save lives, the government, CDC and FDA are working to actively stop doctors from prescribing it and from anyone who has a prescription from being able to get it filled. For all of this “that’s between you and your doctor” talk, they seem to believe that only counts if your doctor says “get vaccinated 10 times a year” or “don’t go to the hospital until your lips are turning blue.” If a doctor wants to try early treatment, they have their license threatened, pharmacists refuse to fill the scripts, and now the FDA even has port authorities actively stopping any shipment of (human) Ivermectin from coming into the country.

            So if it came down to having a positive Covid test and a doctor telling me to go home and who nothing, but “be sure to go to the hospital if your lips start to turn blue” OR following the advice of a doctor who has had excellent patient success with early treatment by taking Ivermectin, Doxycycline, Pepcid, and Singulair along with Vitamin C, D3, K2, Zinc and Quercetin…I’m going to do the latter, even if it means performing a dosage conversion on the over-the-counter livestock version of the drug no pharmacy in my state will fill. And even manage to be understanding if someone else felt that doing so was stupid.


        2. I have actually seen that — that news actually came out well before the current controversy, and statements by doctors pushing for ivermectin use were actually conflated with “we should use ivermectin as a COVID treatment.” However, without solid study backing, it will remain dismissed for long-COVID treatment.

          I had a course of steroids, which helped immensely, and an albuterol inhaler, which has helped mitigate the effects of the lung scarring. But there are still issues.


        1. // My sister and I developed identical gut issues – she after the vaccine, me after COVID. It would have been funny if it weren’t so sad.

          Were those issues equal in severity and duration of symptoms?

          I thought a vaccine could have some side-effects but in a weaker fashion than the ones from the virus.


          1. Yeah, we’d beeline it for the bathroom together every time after eating anything. She also had severe disruptions in the menstrual cycle, which is the only symptom I didn’t have. But o suffered worse, for sure. I’m older, fatter, less athletic. Overall, it was worse for me. She’ll say I’m being a drama queen as usual but I insist.


            1. Clarissa, I promise it gets better! It can take a long time, but the important thing is to be kind to your gut. It can help eating things that you know don’t cause the issue, particularly at first. I ate a lot of soup and rice and potatoes for a while, and Tums can help with GERD-related nausea (it can also help bind you up, because it’s just elemental calcium, but I wouldn’t go overboard).

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              1. It’s totally my own fault because I didn’t do my probiotic regimen and started eating all sorts of heavy stuff. But I’ve been inspired by this conversation finally to get in under control.


          2. “I thought a vaccine could have some side-effects but in a weaker fashion than the ones from the virus.”

            -It depends on the person. Take my mom, for example, whose sense of taste and smell had mostly recovered until the first dose of the vaccine, after which taste and smell distortion has become a lot worse and has still not recovered significantly after almost six months. It’s an autoimmune reaction — a great many COVID symptoms are actually autoimmune or autoinflammatory, and if the body is making the spike protein you still run the risks of similar side effects.

            There are also long-COVID patients who have been hit so hard by the vaccine they have described it as “worse than when I had COVID” or that they “thought I had COVID again.” Long-COVID is essentially an extended constellation of autoimmune or autoinflammatory components, which makes it even more likely that this population is already predisposed to vaccine reactions that can seriously set them back in terms of recovery.

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      2. I was actually waiting for a telemedicine appointment when I commented. According to the doctor I spoke to they’ve seen it a lot—to the point where there is a treatment protocol. Of course for a “rare” side effect the fact that it’s actually very common just makes me trust the people who made me get it so much. It’s a systemic auto-inflammation response.

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