A large wave of infections and hospitalizations for this seasonal virus is coming to the Northeast in October-December. Mass hysteria, lockdowns, rage against the “unvaxxed,” booster shots.

Then, hopefully, a realization will sink in that it’s an endemic seasonal virus, and there’s no “stopping the spread” or “zero COVID” possible.

Or we’ll have to do another cycle of waves in July-August in the South / November-December in the North.

Of course, the politicians and the talking heads will never let it go, no matter how many waves there are and how ludicrous the narrative gets. I’m talking about regular people. They need to grow disillusioned with this game and quit playing. I’m hoping one or two more cycles, and then it just gets old and people get over it.

7 thoughts on “Prediction

  1. Man, I hope it doesn’t take that long! My money’s on real disillusionment setting in by November, and the whole zero-covid, vaccine-push madness petering out by spring.

    I have no evidence for that. But I don’t think anyone but the most dedicated germphopes and agoraphobes is really game for yet another no-visiting, no-parties holiday season, and then another summer vacation under house arrest.

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    1. Plus, I think by this fall, it’ll be getting much harder for the press to keep a lid on the negative effects of the shots. Once we get to the point where everybody knows at least one person who’s had a really rough time of it with the vaccine, the believability of the “nothing to see here, everything’s fine, and if it’s not it’s for the good of humanity so shut up” official propaganda on the subject will plummet.

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      1. Same here. I had methylethyl’s optimism just a few months ago. But it looks like people will never get fed up with another wave for as long as they keep benefiting from another wave. I don’t see a way out of it any time soon.

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        1. I wouldn’t call it optimism, exactly. I just think that if the rumors about effects on pregnancy and fertility are true, they’ll have started to become painfully obvious by late fall. It’s easy for people to scuff their feet and not care that much about nursing home residents: they were sent there to die anyway. People are going to be less complacent if/when that story shifts to “the vaccine killed my baby” or “fertility docs just quadrupled their waitlists”. I know a lady who lost a four-month pregnancy right after getting the swine flu shot back in 2009. She is still angry and sad about that. Early reports are looking like something similar with the coof shots. too early, and too much censoring, to be certain yet, but by November…


  2. My money is on it won’t happen. On the one hand the media, the so called experts, and the politicians would have to first give up their new powers and controls, and second admit they were wrong or at the very least over-reacted. That will never happen, they would sooner everyone else die first than admit they were wrong or causing the problem. On the other hand those who accepted the not-vax will not admit they were wrong, because then they would have to admit they were fooled. That they were suckered into injecting into their body an untested substance promoted by liars and thieves. The overwhelming majority of the people who took the not-vax would rather continuing taking it and continue pretending all is well in the world rather than admit they made an error.

    Personally though I think and am hoping the rapture happens soon. Quite frankly with the massive lies spreading around the world, several countries now stating you can’t go out or eat out without a passport showing vax status, and things looking almost exactly like we are told things will look in the last days of the church before the end of the age of grace, I think there is a very good chance we could be at the end of this age in just a short while. So if anyone here is still unsaved now would be a very good moment to come to Jesus as there might not be to many more moments left.

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  3. I think that your time frame is too short because it doesn’t allow for 6-12 months of demanding unvaxxed people to pay for ongoing testing to prove that they are COVID negative.

    I am surprised that you missed the obvious future demand for unvaccinated people to prove that they are not infected with the virus and so can not infect all of the well protected vaccinated people, many of whom are infected, and infecting each other with the virus that the filthy unvaxxed people must prove that they don’t have.


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