Needs Must

I submitted an article today and returned to the piece I was writing when I had COVID. I swear, I don’t even remember what I wrote because I was very poorly but I’m re-reading it now, and it’s very good. I couldn’t do anything else when I was sick, not even eat. But somehow I still managed to produce a good third of an article. In Spanish. On a completely new author.

This isn’t because I love working or anything of the kind. I simply have a hard deadline, and I really want to get into this project. As they say, needs must when the devil drives. If you look at the calendar where I mark how much I wrote every day, you won’t even see COVID. It’s so weird. I’m a weird, weird person.

Some Things Never Change

For readers who can’t see passworded posts: I was forced to participate in a struggle session where I expressed disagreement with the woke dogma.

Now I have updates of what people are saying about me behind my back after the struggle session. The general conclusion is that I’ve gone insane, crazy, and totally nuts. Nobody said so far that I must have had “that time of the month” or gone menopausal but I’m sure it’s coming.

If I were a man, they’d say I was angry and threatening.

A Woke Talking Point

It was announced at the struggle session that your intention in doing or saying something doesn’t matter. All that matters is if feelings were hurt.

This is a standard woke talking point, and it’s so delusional that it blows my mind.

Last week, I was carrying a bunch of unwieldy objects and accidentally hit a person in a crowded space on the back. Would it have made no difference if I came up and hit him on purpose?

A colleague accidentally took home an envelope addressed to me. Would it be exactly the same if she purposefully stole my mail because she hates me?

I elbowed my kid in the chest because she tried to squeeze between me and the door when I wasn’t expecting it. Is that the same as if I intentionally beat her? Are both actions child abuse?

When she was an infant and woke me up at night, I wasn’t upset. But if my husband were to wake me up 4 times every night, I would be livid. The same action has a completely different effect if you know that a person isn’t trying to hurt you on purpose.

How can people confidently and loudly proclaim there’s absolutely no difference between somebody intentionally hurting another person and somebody doing it by accident and feeling contrite for the unintended mishap?

These bastards are doing everything they can to poison any human relationship because it’s easier to bully people once you’ve turned them against each other.

My Bullying Story

I was once bullied at school for being Jewish. (I’m ethnically Jewish on my father’s side). The girls who bullied me left me notes saying, “go back to Jerusalem, dirty Jew.” Hilariously, they were ethnically Jewish* on both sides and they didn’t find anything better to insult me with than our shared ethnicity.

Since we were all girls, they didn’t try to physically harm me in any way. There was a lot of snitching, name-calling, and that sort of thing. I found it all quite funny and still do. I’m FB friends with one of them today, and she’s really great.

Men’s experience of school bullying is in a different order of magnitude.

* Practicing Judaism was impossible in the USSR.