Recommended Read of the Day

Here’s a really great article:

Karl Rove harbors no illusions as to just how fundamentally changed—indeed just how far gone—the America of 1979 is when contrasted to what passes as ‘America’ in 2021, as Rove is absolutely a high-profile political ‘person of interest’ in the abduction, torture and murder of the American nation-state as a functioning republic and a demographically and culturally cohesive enterprise. His greasy fingerprints are all over crime scenes that stretch today from the violent mass stampede across the border to the savage chaos exploding throughout the imploding cities to the deadly silence of the shuttered manufacturing plants that once hummed across the heartland and amidst every kindergarten class to every university lecture hall where working white Americans are ritually defiled in theory as well as in practice.

I don’t know who the author is but this is excellent writing.

Biden’s Gitmo

LOS ANGELES — As it scrambles to deal with the surge of Haitian migrants at the southern border, the Biden administration is seeking a private contractor to operate a migrant detention facility at the U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, with a requirement that some of the guards speak Spanish and Haitian Creole, according to government records.

Good job, Biden voters. You truly did us all a solid getting this guy elected. I’m sure the private contractor who’ll run the Gitmo jail will be fully vaccinated, so it’s all good.

Chokmah’s Choice

The US budget includes one billion dollars for Israel’s Iron Dome. This explains why the Israeli government so eagerly handed its population over to be Pfizer’s lab rats. If that was the choice, I’d go with the metaphorical shot over a real one, too.

OK, I feel better now. The idea of millions of schlemiel Jews was intolerable.

P.S. Please, somebody, appreciate the beauty of the post’s title.


There were two things I suffered from really badly before I got COVID.

One was neuralgic back pain. I think I mentioned it on the blog. It was frequent and very painful.

The other problem was spells of extreme fatigue that would last between 12 and 24 hours. I even documented them trying to figure out the pattern. There was none. At least a couple of days a week I’d feel completely wiped out for no discernible reason. I even thought maybe it was early menopause.

Since COVID, I haven’t experienced either problem once. It’s been months. Does anybody have an explanation? Is it the weight loss? Or is there such a thing as a good long COVID?