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Here’s a really great article:

Karl Rove harbors no illusions as to just how fundamentally changed—indeed just how far gone—the America of 1979 is when contrasted to what passes as ‘America’ in 2021, as Rove is absolutely a high-profile political ‘person of interest’ in the abduction, torture and murder of the American nation-state as a functioning republic and a demographically and culturally cohesive enterprise. His greasy fingerprints are all over crime scenes that stretch today from the violent mass stampede across the border to the savage chaos exploding throughout the imploding cities to the deadly silence of the shuttered manufacturing plants that once hummed across the heartland and amidst every kindergarten class to every university lecture hall where working white Americans are ritually defiled in theory as well as in practice.

I don’t know who the author is but this is excellent writing.

12 thoughts on “Recommended Read of the Day

  1. “…it’s worth remembering that more than 40 years ago the difference between most Democrats and Republicans in both chambers often ranged from minor to miniscule depending on the issue, a demarcation of a few simple degrees that would be unthinkable today amid the political peacocks and freak show power junkies carrying out their corporate looting and jihad for total control.”

    This really is a brilliant piece of writing. I didn’t know much about Karl Rove. I. am. stunned.

    I wonder what you think of the election fraud claims. I haven’t seen you write about that, but for many people, it’s a serious problem. And if it’s true—Georgia wasn’t so much a victim of Rove as it was of dirty crooks who cooked the books.

    That’s not to say I don’t agree with the article’s assessment of Rove, but there were obviously a LOT of election shenanigans that the article conveniently neglects to mention. And I know it’s over and done, but for many of us, we are seething with rage over blatant criminality with no consequence – standing here with our balled up fists looking for the right moment to punch the bully who stole our lunch money.

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    1. Let me paraphrase President Trump: I don’t like people who let elections be stolen from them. I prefer people who don’t let it happen.

      Yes, there were shenanigans and the mail-in ballots were a total scam. But who allowed mail-in ballots? Who was the sitting president? How many legal challenges were mounted before the election?

      I’m not even asking why no wall was built and why this #1 electoral promise was completely betrayed, turning off a crucial group of voters. Or why so much money and effort was spent on the fantasy of attracting black voters. Or why the horrid criminal justice reform was passed.

      Now, of course, there’s this easy excuse: every election that didn’t work out our way had to be stolen. A dog ate my homework, it’s not my fault. Why should I care about these excuses when nobody cares about mine?

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  2. I certainly wouldn’t use the excuse that it was stolen because it didn’t work in our favor. And I have plenty of criticisms for the previous presidency. Don’t get me started on the fast-tracked vaccines or the other things you mentioned. I am genuinely curious what will happen now that the Republican party is dead. Is Mark Cromer correct? Is American really dead? Or are we only “mostly dead” and we just need a large chocolate covered pill from Miracle Max?

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    1. Historically, this insanity ends when the grandchild of the last earnest believer in the globalist woke insanity grows up. Once there isn’t a single person capable of taking their crap seriously. That’s when it turns around. Not necessarily in a good direction but a different one.

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        1. “the last earnest believer in the globalist woke insanity”

          “50 more to go”

          Intellectuals are understandably predisposed to think that ideas are a foundational element of all political regimes. And, in liberal democracies, ideas and public opinion do matter to an unusual degree historically.

          But as Mao Tse-tung bluntly observed – “All things grow out of the barrel of a gun. According to the Marxist theory of the state, the army is the chief component of state power. Whoever wants to seize and retain state power must have a strong army.”

          Where it is possible to fix an election of the chief executive right out in the open, with the active support of the leadership cadres of the military, intelligence and police forces, a political regime can no longer be described as liberal democratic where public opinion has an important degree of sway.

          Control and obedience are what matters. Authoritarian regimes don’t much care about convincing anyone of anything as long as their obvious lies remain unchallenged by an organized resistance.

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  3. “Is America really dead?”

    Yes. As a functioning liberal democracy, yes – most people under 40 would not remember what it feels like to live in one.

    It will almost certainly get far worse – the Terror phase has yet to begin in earnest – and it may never get better.

    But you’re not alone. Pretty much the entire west is circling the drain.

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  4. Since it’s mentioned in the article… here’s the song “The Devil went down to Georgia” with lyrics..

    Interestingly I hadn’t heard or thought about this song (ubiquitous in cowboy Florida for a loooooong time) for many years. Which means I completely missed it as a kind of proto-rap…. (It was released about 4 months before the first big rap hit – rapper’s delight).

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  5. Talking points.

    “You have to see the fraud to believe the fraud.”

    “When the American military empire rolls up abroad, does that mean it rolls up at home?”

    “People don’t just let their stuff get stolen, it gets stolen and then they react to the theft.”

    “What looks like chaos may be someone else’s plan.”

    “Goldfinger was an optimist: suspect enemy action first, and then hope you’re being paranoid.”

    “Every conspiracy needs a key figure that everyone can hate.”

    “Don’t give the school bully your lunch money, give him ‘free food’ that you can poison.”

    “Terrorism is just a word used to describe insurgencies that have arrived before their time.”

    “The myth that you’re ‘well-informed’ scales in direct proportion to your aspirations that you don’t appear ‘ignorant’ relative to whatever ‘wisdom’ happens to be popular.”

    But what would I know, I’m just a Crackpot who believes that Angelo Codevilla didn’t kill himself.

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    1. From my very limited perspective, it seems like a regime rolled into the White House, put up a fence, and then started issuing edicts. Comments were turned off all press releases and judges refused to hear evidence of fraud. The main attorneys pressing forward with cases were ridiculed and even disbarred(?).

      In 2004 I wrote a book (that was never published) about a dystopian future where euthanasia was legalized to solve the “health care crisis”. Children with developmental disabilities and worse were “humanely put down” and the elderly went to “end of life” celebrations when they turned 70. The novel focused on the discovery of a mother with an autistic son. Her uncle was the senator who sponsored the legislation to kill “undesirables”. When she is taken in by the secret Christian resistance, the senator will stop at nothing to find and exterminate them lest the truth come out and his career be destroyed. I thought this was a pretty wild concept when I wrote it. But with eyes wide open today, I never would have imagined what I see happening now. Not to say that euthanasia isn’t far behind…especially for anti-vaxxers.


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