The Only Solution

A really good article on COVID:

We have to live with Corona, it will always be with us. Biannual boosters for the entire population will not solve anything. They will only reduce the effectiveness of vaccines by encouraging antigenic drift. The vaccines are, at best, a solution for the elderly and the vulnerable only. Everyone will get Corona, even the vaccinated, and children need to get it while they are still young and while it poses no risk to them. In this way, SARS-2 will become an unimportant virus in the coming years.

This is exactly what needs to happen: let’s do what China did, use the seasonality of the virus to declare victory over COVID, stop testing everybody in sight, treat the sick, and move the hell on already. This party is dead. Let’s go find a new one.

3 thoughts on “The Only Solution

  1. There is what should happen, which this article is right about, and then there is what will happen and what is actually happening around us. On this, I am afraid I don’t have a lot of hope, at least in the US. As we speak, here in sunny CA, the people are choosing to keep Newsom in power, knowing full well this means another lockdown and vaccine mandates on children. The brainwashing is just too strong, and there’s no off-ramp — at least not this year.


      1. Oh me too. I think a big problem with CA is that the upper middle class has too few small business owners and too many PMCs, and we all know how that works. Unfortunately the lockdowns are helping things along by pushing more small businesses out. The working class has been heavily impacted too, but unfortunately they are not the ones who vote.

        I despair of CA sometimes. I have lived here mostly happily for 20 years, but if things start getting much worse, I’ll have to think of getting out. The last straw for me will be the vaccine mandates for children, which is coming unfortunately.

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